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Factors That Are Encompassed In Productivity Management

Jan 29, 2008
Productivity management is critical in any business or even in individual endeavors. It is crucial to properly manage productivity trends so that the productivity potential of any company is maximized. As always, there are several factors that need to be considered in productivity management. If addressed and managed properly, these factors will help improve company productivity as a whole and make productivity management a success.

So what is productivity management after all? Productivity management is a way of manipulating and guiding the different process that lead to a very successful and productive system. All aspects in the company that affect revenue and productivity in one way or another are considered in productivity management. Productivity Management has one goal and that is to make sure that productivity levels keep moving forward and that all issues that may cause damage to the overall status of the company are taken care of as soon as possible. Below are the different factors that taken care of in productivity management:

Time is gold. This is a saying that rings true both in life and in business. Time needs to be optimized in order to get as much output as possible. After all, the greater the output for a certain allotted time, the more productive something or someone is. Time Management should be imposed when managing productivity. Activities and projects that take up the most time should be given the amount that is due to it. However, it is easier to deal with smaller and quicker projects as soon as possible to pave the way for the more complicated ones.

A Company's Manpower is one of its greatest resources! In managing productivity Manpower should also be managed. One of the best ways to manage manpower is to make sure that the employees are satisfied and happy with their condition. Because as they say: A happy man works better. But of course, companies must learn to draw the line between a happy employee and a spoiled one. A happy employee works well because he is stress free and grateful, a spoiled employee is one that has been given his way too many times. As a result, a spoiled employee would refuse to work unless his/her increasing demands are met. Employers should always beware of spoiled employees and these individuals should be confronted as soon as possible.

Another factor in Productivity Management is the Physical resources. A state of the art facility will have a higher productivity rating than facilities that need greater man power to handle. Companies that have modernized their processes will find that they have a higher productivity rating compared with other companies that haven't. Overall market conditions are also an important factor to consider in productivity management. If the market is down, it then follows that productivity managers find ways to augment the market gap.

These and other factors are to be taken into consideration by companies. Having a good grasp of them will give managers the knowledge to maneuver through any drawbacks that may come their way.
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