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Search Engine Optimization Strategies That You Simply Must Avoid

Jan 29, 2008
If you want to gain excellent rankings in various search engines and you like to obtain high amount of traffic to your website, you must perform search engine optimization techniques. The traffic that comes from search engines is highly targeted and FREE. There's no better source of traffic.

The only problem is not all strategies that you will probably learn are right for your website, just because they have been used else where by other people. Some of them are considered to be unethical "Black Hat" techniques and are frowned upon by not only by other webmasters but, most of all, by search engines. On the other hand, they may not work since they're already outdated since many "black hat" techniques have not been updated for ages..

Here are 4 things that you should absolutely avoid because they can get you into a heap of trouble and banned from search engines.

1. Copying somebody else's content. This is very obvious but you'll be surprised how many people do it. Content plays a very vital role in search engine optimization, obviously and many webmasters tend to go the "easy" way by copying someone else's hard work from their website. It can give you the inbound links that you want and send tons of people to your website. It simply does not pay to plagiarize other people's hard work - copying everything to a T. Plagiarism may also imply paraphrasing paragraphs and sentences: different words but exactly the same thought.

This obviously doesn't go well with the original writer, to Internet users, and to search engines. For one, Google is very adamant in killing websites that are simply copying other people's content. Secondly, you will only damage your credibility if you're going to use it. Nevertheless, if you're truly pressed for time and you need some great content badly, you can check out article directories and republish articles. Don't forget to include the resource box and don't alter anything. This is the only way you can reuse other people's work.

2. Applying the same keywords and meta tags in all of your pages. Some people will use software to copy a single web page and create hundreds of them. By doing this you end up having many web pages that have the same "footprint". All of your pages should be considered unique if you want to gain the approval of search engines. So this means that each of your webpage should have a completely different subject, keywords and meta tags but related to the overall theme of your website. Make use of other keywords and meta descriptions and mix them up. Dedicate one keyword per page, if you can and optimize that page for that single keyword. This way every page will have a unique footprint.

3. Stuffing keywords. This means you use your keywords more than you should and stuff your articles and web pages with the same keyword over and over again. It's like writing an article about dogs and using the word dog 100 time when your article is only 200 words long. That's keyword stuffing. There is definitely a good reason why many say you have to at least limit your keyword density to 3 to 5 percent. This is to ensure that you don't end up stuffing your articles with the same keywords. Whether you like it or not, it's very annoying, and besides, search engines consider this technique as unethical. Use keywords sparingly and limit it to between 3 and 5 percent.

4. Using too much flash. Flash can make your website look very attractive, but it doesn't help you in your quest for better search engine ranking. A flashy website isn't always good specially if you want to rank high. Search engine spiders cannot "read" flash and so they will simply by pass it. Flash is "flashy" and it can work against you. Search engine spiders will find it very difficult to index your pages. Second, these automated applications are programmed to read text only, not images and even flash so all that flash can lead to no ranking.

There you go. Avoid those 4 SEO strategies and you will definitely have a good chance of getting your websites ranked higher in search engines.
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