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Are You In The Right Marketing Niche For Your Internet Business?

Jan 29, 2008
Chances are, you are in the wrong business.

When you build a business, something that's going to take you over the obstacles you're going to face, take you through the challenges, you need to make sure that you're doing something that you love, something that seems really natural to you.

Most people trying to build a business on the internet are failing because they are trying to do two things at once: learning how to build a business, and learning the ropes of a niche they don't know anything about. Does this sound familiar?

It doesn't really make too much sense to me for you to try to learn something else, some other skill and then try to teach it to someone while you're trying to grow a business.

Before you take another step forward with your efforts, ask yourself if you are in the right niche in the first place.

Discovering what you should be doing is an important exercise. It may take a few hours, weeks, or even months to settle on the right path. And to be truthful, your decision today may evolve into something else later.

The important thing is that you take this exercise seriously.

Here's the first question: What is it that you do on a regular basis that you love to do and you would do it even if they don't pay you for it?

The reality will be that if you love it and you're good at it and you learn the techniques to promote the things that are related to it, you are going to make money from it too.

If you're the type of person who loves learning more about the specific area you're going to discover through this, you're going to love learning more. You're going to perfect that expertise and you're going to develop into the expert that people are looking for.

Here are two more questions to ask yourself:

What do people turn to you for again and again? What are those things they keep coming to you and you don't know why they keep coming to you?

You figured that by now they should just 'get it.'

When I first started doing my online information marketing, it came to me in the same kind of question. The reality was that when I was teaching high school classes, teachers were coming to me and asking me about how to use technology. They were asking me how to use Excel, how to use PowerPoint, how to even plug in the machine for the slide projector.

These were things that I thought people could figure out on their own. I wasn't giving them enough credit. They're smart in their own way and they have their own talents but they needed someone to show them things and I had a natural talent for that.

You are in a similar position. No matter where you are in information marketing and building a business online, over the course of your life, people have been coming to you again and again for help and you need to figure out the things that people ask you for help with. The reality is you're not going to think about them automatically because they may come too naturally to you.

Once you discover what people are turning to you for again and again, then it's time for you to discover whether or not people will pay you for that knowledge. You may not really know for sure right away. But, hopefully you'll get a sense that people will be willing to pay because you're solving a problem that is not being solved otherwise (or alternative solutions are difficult to find or more expensive).

When you complete this exercise, you will have a better idea of what business niche to pursue. Then, you can put aside learning the trade itself and focus instead on learning how to market what you know. You will find your business will accelerate much faster this way.

So before you take another step forward in the cycle of opportunity chasing, determine the best niche that will play to your best strengths. And turn that expertise into your own internet marketing empire.
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Bob Jenkins is an internet marketing coach for offline professionals wishing to expand their businesses with the power of the internet. Your roadmap to online success can be through a combination of affiliate marketing and product creation within your niche. To turn your expertise into a profitable business, go now to href="http://www.discoveraffiliatestrategies.com"
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