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Promotional Corporate Gifts - 4 Tips To Use Them To Market Your Business

Jan 29, 2008
Promotional corporate gift is a great tool for you to market your business. Using promotional corporate gifts to market your business allows you to save money, as well as to capture the attention of your customers and prospects. When it comes to using corporate gifts to market your business, there are 4 tips that you should take note of:

1. Use them to thank your loyal customers. Send your loyal customers special gifts from the others so as to thank them for being so supportive of your business. This is a good way to maintain the good rapport with them, as well as to tell them that you always appreciate their support. If you are able to maintain a good rapport with them, they will be your loyal customers as long as you are in business.

2. Promote your business USP. USP is very important in a branding plan. It helps the customers to remember what you do, and how different is your company from the others. By displaying your business USP on your gifts, you are creating a lasting impression in their minds, making them to relate better to your products or services. This will in turn leads to more warm leads in the future.

3. Promote your business website address. A website is an extended arm of your company. It should display clearly what your company does, clientele, contact information, etc. By placing your business website address on your gifts, you will entice them to visit your website and find out more about your business. Remember to set up a page whereby you will offer free gifts and information to entice them to opt into your mailing list. By having them in your mailing list, you are able to keep in contact with them and stand a chance to turn them into your loyal customers.

4. Entice them to take action. A good corporate gift design always has call-to-action elements, to entice your prospects to either call or email you. You can also take one step further by asking the receiver of your gifts to visit your website and claim some vouchers or discount coupons. In exchange for the coupons, they need to provide contact number, email and name. In this way, you will be able to quantify the result of your corporate gift marketing campaign.

An effective corporate gifts marketing plan will really push you ahead from your competitors. Take note of my tips and hope that they are able to help you in the near future.
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