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Web Directory - Choose A Good One

Jan 29, 2008
When you are considering submitting your website to a web directory for review there are some factors that you should consider prior to pushing that submit button.

The web directory that you are considering should have a good reputation. There are directories on the net that are not as reputable in that their review process is sub standard. What I mean by that is there are some directories that will take almost any submission and include it without having high quality standards for the sites they list.

Directories with low standards such as this get lower respect from the search engines and could end up banned all together. You should look for quality web directories that list quality web sites and submit to these first rather than submitting to directories with low inclusion standards which accept any site.

Another factor that will come into play is the cost for reviewing your web site for inclusion along with the time it takes for review. There are quality directories like Yahoo which charges an annual fee of nearly $300 for listing your commercial website and others that are much less like the Authority Directory. The quality of the link from premium directories such as these is much higher and your website review is typically complete very quickly.

If you are looking for no budget and low quality links you can find them at free directories. The things to keep in mind is that the link quality is such you will need hundreds or even thousands of links from these low quality sites in some cases to get the quality of one link from a quality web directory. The acceptance time for free directories is also extremely long and in some cases takes months or even years.

The Open Directory Project called DMOZ is the most known of the free directories where links are reviewed by volunteer editors. The length of time for a review there can take years and you will not be notified at any point about the status of your submission. If you ever do get your site included it is worthwhile as it is a reputable directory, but the best strategy for DMOZ is to submit and forget about it.

Your goal as a webmaster should be always to get your site listed in the quality, respected directories which can help you in search engine rankings and by sending you traffic also.

To get you started on the right path here are some quality web directories that come highly recommended.

Yahoo Directory is perhaps the most popular and well known directory on the internet. If your site is not commercial you can submit it for a free review and possible inclusion. If it is commercial you can expect to pay a $299 annual review fee. The free option can take months to get reviewed while the paid review usually only takes a couple days.

Authority Directory is a very well regarded quality directory where your website submission will get reviewed in less than 72 hours and in many cases in under 24 hours. It is also viewed as an internet resource destination with many unique articles, blog posts and a gallery of fine art for you to enjoy. As such it gets a lot of traffic.

JoeAnt is another strong and well respected web directory that can provide your website with a quality link. If you submit your website here you can expect it to be reviewed within a few days.

Business is a directory that is held in high regard and a listing here will bring you many benefits just like the others mentioned thus far.

Skaffe is another website that I consider one of the top directories when it comes to quality and editorial integrity. A link from Skaffe just like any of these quality web directories is a valuable thing to have for your website and it's online exposure to traffic.
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