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Offering A Different Type Of Coffee Shop

Jan 29, 2008
Not all coffee shops are designed for you to stand in line, place your order, and then dash off to enjoy your drink. Some of them are sit down establishments where you can enjoy your coffee and relax. They do offer delicious quality fresh brewed coffee and may be a few varieties. You won't find the hundreds of coffee combinations at this type of location though.

They will know it is a place to get a good quality cup of coffee. That is what they are interested in, not all the different flavors you can add to it. They want fresh brewed coffee that tastes great no matter what time of the day they walk into your business. Make sure you have coffee machines that can make enough to keep up with the demand for it. They also are looking for free refills.

Many people love to frequent this type of coffee shop for the food they offer as well. You can get homemade biscuits and gravy in the morning. You may want a hamburger like you don't get at a fast food location for lunch. Don't pass up the homemade cakes and pies either. What you will find depends on the location but you can be sure there are plenty of great options.

In addition to offering great food and plenty of room to sit down, sit down coffee shops aren't as wild. People don't have that sense of urgency in their eyes that result in them cutting in line and pushing their way back out the door. Sometimes there is a line and you can't even get in the door at some coffee shops. Instead take a more practical approach and enjoy the social atmosphere.

The personal service that you will find in most of these types of businesses keep people coming back. They love being greeted by name from a friendly waitress. They also know the coffee is going to taste great and the food they may order will be delicious too. These are often independently owned businesses that don't get recognized by everyone.

There are plenty of customers out there that prefer this type of coffee shop. Yet they find they are hard to locate. Big name chain coffee shops keep on cropping up though. This is a better option than having to stand in line to get your drink and then fighting the crowd to get back out the door.

It does take paying attention to details in order to do well running this type of coffee shop though. Yet you may find it to be more rewarding for you than some other options. It can be a wonderful experience to know you are taking care of the needs of those that really like what your type of business has to offer them.

You can offer a different type of coffee shop that will appeal to customers. One that allows them to sit down and relax while they enjoy great tasting coffee. One that offers plenty of affordable options for them to choose from. Many of these old fashioned business practices can really build you a loyal base of customers.
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Karyn Lewis writes about the ups and downs of the coffee business. Avoid the rookie mistakes many new operators make when they buy a coffee shop and read more coffee related articles at her site.
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