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How A Monthly Trip To A Day Spa Makes Me A Better Person

Jan 29, 2008
One Saturday a month I spend a couple of hours at a day spa. This monthly trip has results in me becoming a better person. I told my husband this after the first two times I went. I think he thought I was trying to pull a fast one on him. It didn't take him long though to realize I was really serious about it.

I look forward to my monthly day spa trips and try to schedule them around stressful times in my life. It may seem like I have it all together, but I will be the first to admit that it can take a toll on me. I am not complaining though as I really enjoy my lifestyle. I am lucky to have great kids and a husband but at times they rely on me too much.

I know many people feel that time just isn't on their side in life. We tend to take on so much more than we can reasonably accomplish. At the same time we beat ourselves up when it can't all get done. Even if you have hours worth of work to do on a given day though, take a few to enjoy a day spa. You will be rejuvenated enough to return to the unfinished projects with a new sense of energy.

The truth is that your body and your mind can get overworked and overtired. As a result you may be just running on autopilot. If you want to get back to experiencing true feelings in your daily activities then take some time for yourself. Get into touch with who you are. The fact that it is all about me at a day spa is definitely inviting after I have spent so much of my time taking care of everyone else's needs.

I am very serious about my monthly trip to a day spa making me a better person. I feel better about how I look because my skin is glowing when the procedure is done. I can feel the tension melt away from my body during the massage as well. Some months I am more tense than others but it always feels great.

In order for your day spa experience to be the very best, you need to get the procedures that are right for you. Some may simply feel good so you get them time after time. The specialists at they day spa can offer some suggestions to help you get the most benefit from it though. Trying out new procedures is a great way to mix things up a bit. It also helps you discover what you really like the most.

When I leave a day spa I feel like a new person from the one that walked in. It is amazing how different you can feel after just a couple of hours. My family and friends can always tell when I have been to the day spa just from my demeanor. Many of them give me gift certificates for my birthday and the holidays. They know this is a gift I am definitely going to enjoy.

Don't let anyone make you feel guilty about your trips to a day spa though. Simply let them know that this a period of time you have carved out to devote to yourself. Make sure you write your appointments on your calendar in large letters. You will be able to look forward to them when you are stressed out. You need to make a commitment not to cancel this time you have to get your own needs met.
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