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3 Simple Tips to Use Corporate Gifts to Associate with Your Customers

Jan 30, 2008
Every business needs marketing to generate in-flow sales enquiry from their target prospects. It can also generate brand awareness in the market, thus allowing you to have a stronger foothold in your industry. So what is marketing? In simple words, marketing is to create association between your business and your target prospect, with call to action elements to entice them to either contact you or buy from you directly.

Marketing and branding plays a very big role in a success of a business. If your target prospects related well to your brand, they will most likely buy from you rather than your competitor even though the both of you are offering the same product or service with similar quality. To build up the brand of your business, one of the most effective ways is to make sure of corporate gifts to do it.

Corporate gift is a great marketing and branding tool for your business. With corporate gifts, you are giving them physical representation of your business, allowing them to touch and feel it. As a result, they will have a more lasting impression with your brand, prompting them to remember you first when they need your service or product in the near future.

Now allow me to share with you 3 simple tips to use corporate gifts to associate better with your customers:

1. Have your company's logo, name, USP and colour embodied on the gifts. By giving out these gifts to your target prospects, they will remember who you are when they see the gifts that you have given them. One effective way to give away your corporate gifts is to use them as door gifts. Hold a company event that educate the public more about your products or services, and present your visitors with your gifts. In this way, your company will look very presentable, as well as creating the right and lasting impression in your visitors' minds.

2. Choose gifts that are unique. By giving them unique gifts, you will stand a higher chance to make your prospects remember you. You can either choose something that is unique in shapes or colours, or beautify the gifts with your unique design. By having a creative design, you will be able to convey a strong message to your prospects

3. Choose quality corporate gifts. If you want to create a positive branding and marketing campaign, the quality of your presentation is very important. This means that you cannot afford to give out corporate gifts with inferior quality. They do not need to be extremely outstanding, but at least there must be a basic standard in the quality of the gifts.

Lastly, you can browse through the Internet to look for online corporate gifts suppliers. They usually offer more affordable prices, without jeopardizing on the quality of the gifts.
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