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Jan 30, 2008
Generating Leads for Realtors continues to be a hot topic. The Internet has now become a highly targeted marketing tool for Realtors as many are no longer cold-calling and/or door knocking. Most Buyers and Sellers choose to "Shop Around" before choosing a Realtor to work with making 'first impressions' more important than ever. Many Realtors are now exploring the use of Buyer and Seller friendly websites that are more about the client and less about the Realtor.

Realtors looking to generate more leads will find the tips below useful. Not only will these tips tell you how to get more leads, but they will also help you turn those leads into successful sales!

Get high placement in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Buyers and Sellers now begin their searches with top search engines so your website needs to rank high! A successful way to do this is with separate websites for Buyers and Sellers. As search criteria is different for Sellers than Buyers, you will need high ranking websites for BOTH!

Offer something free with your website

Don't make them about you, make them about your clients! A free service such as CMAs where they don't need to call you. This can be done via an 'online form'. Sellers don't want to always give out their contact number but usually have no problem giving out their email address.

Go above and beyond!

Daily emails of new listings is fine, but be sure to also send your client a personal email every 'now and then'. Remember, if you forget about them, they will have long forgotten about you.

Website must be user friendly.

If a Seller is searching for a CMA in your area, they don't want to take time navigating thru a website and end up typing a long email about their home. If they do this, they will likely copy that email and send it to 10 other Realtors in your area. A Seller wants a basic template where they just fill in the fields.

Offer free Buying and Selling tools to your clients.

eBooks for Buyers and Sellers are gaining popularity. If you are the first one to provide them with these valuable tools, why wouldn't they decide to work with you?

Realtors are often found offering their clients the exact same tools as any other Realtor in their office making the competition fierce. You need to differentiate yourself from the rest and explore your options. The internet has proven itself to be the way of the future for marketing Real Estate Services and with Buyers and Sellers shopping online; you MUST make sure you have a presence on 'the net'. Having the best negotiating skills is great but if you are the only one that knows this, you will find yourself struggling to make a living in this industry.
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