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The Benefits Of Finding A DSL Provider

Jan 30, 2008
If you have been anywhere near a computer in the past five years, there is hardly any way that you could have gone without having at least heard something of DSL internet. There are many DSL internet providers out there, and there are many types of other internet providers as well. People have a tendency to lump all of the various types of high speed internet into the category of DSL and with good reason. Although they do not work the same, to the untrained eye cable internet and DSL internet appear to be just the same type of thing and they get the same benefits from using them.

DSL internet and dial up internet do have one thing in common; information is transmitted through the use of a copper telephone wire, just like the ones that allow you to make and receive calls from your landline phone every day. This is just about where the similarities between the two types of internet end, because DSL internet is multiple times faster than even the most hyped up dial up internet access could ever claim to be.

The only thing about DSL when it comes to its dominance over other internet types is that it is not available everywhere. The further away from the central office or internet hub a person goes, the weaker the internet signal is going to be. This means that any residences that are not in the vicinity of a DSL providers' office are probably not going to be eligible for DSL service through that company.

As the information is transmitted through the telephone wire, it is also transmitted into the computer through the use of a DSL internet modem. Many times a DSL provider will give their customers the software and modem that they need to be able to use DSL internet, but some may charge leasing fees for use of the modem or require the customer to actually purchase the unit.

Many people choose to go with cable internet over DSL internet, but the fact is that DSL internet is just much harder to find. Cable internet is substantially more expensive than DSL internet, sometimes twice the price but it is also faster. Depending on what your internet needs are, it may be more affordable time wise to go with cable internet and easier to get such service as well.

Finding a DSL provider in your area is not the hard part, although finding one that actually has service at your home may be tougher. It is important to be able to tell whether or not a DSL provider will give you the type of internet you required for your needs. If so, take out the phone book and find a DSL provider in your area today.
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