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How To Increase Your Ebook Revenue

Jan 30, 2008
Whether you are selling ebooks on eBay or on your own website you are probably not getting a lot of money selling single ebooks. You may have to sell them for 99 cents or 1.99 to get any sales. How can you increase that to a respectable number and make a significant profit?

There are a number of ways to raise the average sale per customer. These strategies work whether you are selling on eBay or on your own site.

The first way, is an old retail marketing strategy from the offline world. Use a value priced ebook to draw your buyers attention to other ebooks at substantially higher prices. In eBay this merely requires you to get them to visit your eBay store where you have full margin ebooks listed. If your customer likes the book he purchased, he is likely to purchase more.

If you are selling from your own site, you can still use the same strategy, just in another form. When you make the sale, provide some links on the thank you page for other books that are related to the book purchased. A percentage of your buyers will click that link, go to another sales page and a percentage of those buyers will buy the second eBook.

Another strategy you can use to increase your customers gross sales amount is to bundle books into a set and charge a higher price for the bundle. It doesn't cost you any more to sell 20 ebooks than it does to sell one and you can sell a set for many times the price of a single ebook.

The package set strategy will work on eBay either in auctions or in your store. This strategy will also work on your own website, either as an initial offer or an upsell.

A third way to increase the monetization of your customer is to use a One Time Offer or OTO. When your buyer buys one ebook, you will end up sending him to a download page. When your customer clicks the link to the download page, instead of being directed to the actual download page, your customer is directed to a One Time Offer page.

This has to be a big offer so it usually consists of dozens of ebooks for an incredibly cheap price. 40 ebooks for $17.00 for example. A percentage of your buyers will buy the OTO offer. This can work on eBay or your own website.

From your website it is easy because you are already directing them to a download page from which you can redirect them to the OTO page. For eBay, you need to direct them to a download page to get the product so that you can redirect them to the OTO page. If your eBay system is set up to automatically email the purchase to the buyer, you will need to change this instead to directing your customer to a download page.

There are many ways to increase the sales value of your customers. If you can successfully turn a one ebook sale into multiple sales you can substantially increase your total sales revenue and your profits.
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