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Secrets To Online Marketing, Top Earner Reveals Them Here

Jan 30, 2008
It all began some time ago when I started to dabble into online marketing, when I found the keys and no, not the keys to my car, but the key to becoming rich online, so I can buy a new car. Now listen, I know you are skeptical about marketing online, but it is so easy. In fact too easy. So concider this, working 8-9 hours a day at your job, how easy do you find that? I bet you are frustrated with your income, or at least want to make more.

When i started online marketing, I was making about $80,000 a year working, good money, and most would never strive to achieve more. But that is the whole point of making money. Why do you work? To make money and pay your bills. So why not work your tail off for a few years, make millions and retire young and happy. "Ya ya, I know, only a handful of people make money online, but that is not true. Thousands make money online. Here are the facts, approximately 70,000,000 people are looking online to make money from home, start an online business, or make more money. In the U.S. alone there is a new interent business started up every 11 seconds or so. Now think about it? There are many many people who are starting dozens of online companies / MLM every year. With that being said, they only keep the one that makes them the most money. Thus adding 10 failed MLM's to one success, and thats just one person.

This type of person gives MLM a bad name, and causing the 95% failure rate. In reality, that 95% failure rate is from one person starting many opportunities and then choosing the one he likes the best, and the other 95% are from AVON and EPICURE, that type of offline MLM. These people only make 15% or so on avg. per sale. Not bad if your in real estate and the sale is $250,000 , but when you make at best 50% of a $25 sale, thats $12.50. I'm doing the math in my head here, so ummm lets see, I belive you must sell 7 AVON bags a day to make minimum wage in Canada.

No wonder 95% fail, you would be lucky to rate higher that a starving artist that lives like a coyote.
Now I'm not saying everyone succeeds online, but for the chance to make $250,000 a year, don't you owe it to yourself to try? Or at least take a look.

Now I know you are reading this in hopes of me revealing my secrets to online marketing, but I'm sorry, I keep that for my customers. So if you want to know the secrets of online marketing, and how to generate $200,000 a month of income, then I'm sure you will find me.
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Rick Lim enjoys playing lots of golf, and helping others succeed offline and online.
Find out how Rick went from a mechanic to 3 hour a day online marketer with no experience.
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