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Observe, Correct, Observe, and Correct Your Profit-Improvement Directions . . . and Keep Repeating

Jan 30, 2008
Your new route to exponential profit growth will seem simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar, confusing and disorienting to some. It will only be after beneficiaries, users, and customers are totally befuddled that they will think to ask for help.

Even after you have taken all the steps you can imagine, things can go wrong. Be prepared for that.

Have a method that lets you observe what's happening to beneficiaries, users, and customers. When things go wrong, use that opportunity to identify helpful changes through amending your route, improving your signs and adding more ways to communicate.

Then check out your corrections by continuing to observe behavior, asking questions, and trying new approaches. And on it goes.

If you don't keep observing and correcting, you'll set up a permanent obstacle to progress. Here's an example of that problem: On the Cambridge side of the Charles River in Massachusetts, Memorial Drive takes you past MIT as you drive east towards the Charles River dam.

You see the Harvard Bridge to the right leading over to Boston . . . and Boston is still further on the right across the water. The road suddenly splits.

The split to the left says "Boston" just before you reach it and unless you have recently taken that split, you may be in the wrong lane and your instinct will be to take the right split towards Boston -- which, of course, doesn't go to Boston at all.

Conversely, if you really want to stay in Cambridge, you may also be in the wrong lane and your instinct will be to take the left fork that seems headed for Lechmere Square in Cambridge. The left fork takes you across the Harvard Bridge into the Boston congestion.

Like poor Charley on the MTA in the Kingston Trio version of the old Boston campaign song, you may never return. Befuddled motorists have been making those wrong choices for more than half a century.

If no one starts to watch and ask motorists about their problems -- and then make corrections -- motorists on that section of Memorial Drive in Cambridge will still be headed off on unexpected side trips a half century from now. Don't let that happen to your new route to creating 20 times as much activity for your enterprise.

Here are questions designed to summarize what you learned about communicating improved choices:

-How can you make encouraging more beneficial behavior your top priority?

-How will you get an earlier start on developing and testing your communications?

-How could the communications be embedded into the offerings?

-How can you use observation to identify communications that need to be improved?

-How can the frequency of your testing and observation be increased?
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