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Investigating The Internet With Online Private Investigation

Aug 17, 2007
Online private investigation is a new trend in the world of private investigation. This trend can often let people investigate for themselves using the tools that professional private investigators use and find lost relatives or friends with the help that access to a large database and system of resources can give the average person.

Online private investigation generally charges a fee for the month or period of time to access the materials and then offers "help" with their materials through demo packages or technical support. Many online investigation sites advertise with pride that "real private investigators" consider their tools to be invaluable and a vital resource to the daily operation of a private investigation firm. But is there validity to that? I did a little investigation of my own into some of these bold claims.

What is online private investigation?

Online investigation is the land of promises and many of them are as empty as my gas tank. The basic premise is to allow regular people access to equipment and tools so that tracking relatives and friends is a whole lot easier. There is actually no promise for success and this "equipment" often works out to be no more effective than a good telephone directory, but nonetheless the world of online private investigation is a growing one.

The lure to the field is a strong one. There is a hint of danger and the aspect of actually finding out some sort of secret information or discovering the location of your long lost aunt or uncle. There is also a basic reality behind it, and that basic reality is that online investigation doesn't do much that you can't do yourself for free. The premise is that the databases the "professionals" use have pages and pages of "hidden data" that for a monthly fee you can have access to. Apparently your long lost aunt was hiding on the hidden pages of the phone book.

The promise is made to help you locate people, find addresses and phone numbers, find the names of people living at a certain address, get details on new boyfriends or girlfriends without actually having to communicate with each other, locate a child you gave up for adoption years ago for that oh-so-happy reunion, find someone's complete military record, perform credit checks, find account records, verify individual's education levels, and many more options.

The reality is often somewhat different. As with anything involving people, information is only half the battle as people are unpredictable and don't necessarily follow clear observable patterns of behavior. The notion of online private investigation is that the key to all of your problems is this information which is normally available to you anyway for free. I wouldn't suggest that the service was entirely useless, however, but it is quite close.
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Christopher Buckley is owner of one of the internet's largest private investigator resources.
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