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Top 5 Mistakes That Affiliate Marketers Make

Jan 30, 2008
There is no doubt that it is very easy to start in the business of affiliate marketing. You will put some links on your website after you have joined some affiliate programs. You will then be making the commissions if someone follows a link and make purchase. However, is it really that easy? In fact, it is a bit trickier than that.

Below are some of the mistakes online marketers will make. These mistakes will make them fail in affiliate marketing.

1. The lack of dedication and work

There are marketers who make no money at all. They will just give up a few weeks after adding the links. In fact, there will be no way to succeed if yo do not work on it. Remember, there is no free lunch in this world.

2. The lack of knowledge in promotion of sites

It is very important to have the knowledge to promote your websites. Marketers who fail to promote their sites will also fail to make profit. You will need to drive traffic to your sites. Of course you will have to work in order to drive traffic!

3. Failure in advertising the websites

Certainly, online marketers will try different ways to advertise their websites. However, some of them will have no idea on how to do it. They just know to buy advertisement spaces but they do not know if it is worth buying the spaces. To this end the marketers are just wasting their money on advertisement and they will eventually give up in the business of affiliate marketing because they think they are wasting with it.

4. The lack of patience

Affiliate marketing will not make you rich overnight and you need to be patient before you can make profit. You may need to work for a few weeks or even months before you can make the first sale. However, some marketers do not have the patience. They will abandon the websites and do not work on them after a few weeks.

5. Selling instead of pre-selling

Super affiliates know very well how to pre-sell a product. However, some marketers are trying to sell instead of pre-sell the products. You should leave to the merchant site to sell the products. As a result, you will put information related to the products on your websites. You may also compare different products on your websites. This is the way to pre-sell them and you will be able to make tons of profit if you can pre-sell the products well.
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