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Affiliate Business Without A Strategy, You Must Be Kidding!

Jan 30, 2008
The target decision is the easy phase, the more demanding is to define business strategy, i.e. with which long term actions the affiliate business owner will reach his targets, what is the schedule and the budget?

I remember, when I was in the affiliate business starting phase, I thought on which ground should I build my strategy? This was my approach: the first step was my talent ( if any ), the second was my experiences and what kind of internet work would I like?

So I did not start pondering the affiliate business marketing or the markets, but my inner factors. I simply believed that there is market for a good work, that there are enough same thinkers, whom I am able to serve with my writings.

This article is about my three year`s experience as an affiliate business marketer and I hope it will give some ideas to you.

1.Do Not Change The Direction, If Your Affiliate Business Develops Slowly.

After you have picked your specialty and strategy, you start to run the promotions , i.e. you start to sell. Many affiliate business offers are hype style overpromises and an affiliate thinks, that the money start to come through doors and windows on the day one.

Naturally this is unrealistic and it takes some months before your skills are on that level that you are able to make an online income from your affiliate business. The other factor is, that the average people in your target group needs about 5 repetitions, i.e repeated contacts, before he starts to buy.

Many in the affiliate business marketing do not understand this and they skip the whole idea after some starting phase. I think they have had difficulties to define business strategy or they have just started their affiliate business after seeing the promise: no experience needed.

2.Pick A Narrow Area And Keep It!

You cannot be expert in many affiliate business areas. Normally it is better to concentrate in one expertise and finetune that little by little. In this way your own brand, the authority, will grow and your target group will know and respect you for that.

3. Affiliate Business Marketing Is 100 % A Know How Business.

When a newbie starts his affiliate business, he rushes immediately into promotions, because he wants money NOW. This is a guaranteed concept for failure. It would be ideal, that a newbie would not promote until he knows how to do it.

However the affiliate business marketing is a learning by doing business, so it is necessary to start to promote in some amount right in the beginning.

4.Only The Quality Matters.

It is funny how people see the information overload as a big problem. You could see it also as a big opportunity: there are so many, who serves disinformation, that by serving the quality information you have a chance to build a long term authority image.

5. You Should Be Very Selective, When You Define Business Strategy.

All big achievers have a very narrow affiliate business strategy. Think about Ewen Chia or Stone Evans, they both have had a tremendous success, but with a very different strategy, despite of the fact that they both sell partly the same products.

This narrow choice has made them as authorities in their businesses. We all can do the same!
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