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Jobs, False Security or Guaranteed Freedom: Which Do You Choose?

Jan 30, 2008
There is a man named Carl who works in the grocery store. He shows up early every day. He bags the groceries and gathers the carts from the parking lot. He is a sweet man and he is 74 years old. I feel sorry for him even though he certainly doesn't ask for any sympathy. He says, "I've been a hard worker all of my life." It's true that he has.

Call worked for 37 years at an automobile manufacturing plant "good job". He is still proud of that fact. Year after year, he showed up every day and performed excellent work. Throughout the sixties, seventies, eighties and part of the nineties, he worked for the company. He wasn't good, solid employee. He dreamed of his retirement for decades. He saw himself having the freedom to do whatever he wanted for the rest of his life upon retirement.

Now, at 74 years old and with a bad back, Carl bags my groceries in pulls my cart back into the store for me. He cannot make it on the $1000 a month that he gets from his retirement pay. That barely covers is medical expenses.

Millions of people report to work every day just like Carl did. They still believe that when they retire from their jobs, they will be amply rewarded for all of their years of dedicated service. Like Carl, they will have to learn how to live with only half of the money that they use to get. They will have to budget every penny of their money to make ends meet just to stay alive through their older ages.

There's a better way a far better way! You have to break the mold. You have to pull yourself out of the brainwashed pool of failure that we live in. You have to take responsibility for your own financial destiny. You have to make the choice between the false securities that your job provides and the unlimited financial freedom that you are entitled to. You have to become an entrepreneur and start your own business!

The choice of financial freedom enables you to have anything that you want, do anything that you want to do and be everything that you ever imagined that you could be. You don't simply have to report to your prison-like job every day. It will drag you in and suck the life from you. Your time is precious. It is also limited. Stop wasting your valuable time being herded like a sheep. Start taking action to achieve your personal goals and become what you want to be in this life!

All that is required of you is self belief. Sounds simple doesn't it? It's not. If it were easy, then everybody would be financially free. Because they fear failure, the masses sheepishly continue to report and profess their false hopes of an idealistic "retirement". Their hopes will be smashed. Their dreams will crumble. They will long for time lost when they could have made different choices.

Change your way of thinking! Take the following steps to begin to develop your own success:

1 Set specific goals for yourself.

2 Visualize yourself attaining these goals.

3 Become intentionally obsessed with success.

4 Take action and watch your goals materialize!

Step away from the television. Stop wasting your time sleeping all day on your days off. Start thinking big and stop limiting your development. Stop believing in the lies that being a good servant will grant you freedom in your older age. It won't! Do something to develop yourself every minute of every day. Consider the alternatives.

Of course, you can't just quit your job right now and call yourself a businessperson. You need a plan. You need to do research. You need to educate yourself. Everybody has a great business within them waiting to be released. Focus on helping people in any area that you have expertise in. Choose freedom over false security. Develop yourself and prosper!
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