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MLM Leads: The Reason Why You're Not Having Success With Them

Jan 30, 2008
I was at a breaking point. After calling leads for two hours, I realized that was starting to think that I wasted my money buying these real-time, phone verified leads. They were no better than the regular leads I normally bought. I really couldn't see the difference.

Perhaps you've been in my shoes-you've spend hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars on leads, only to find out that it would take you awhile to get good enough to sponsor anyone from them.

If you have a budget that can support your ongoing costs of purchasing leads (until you get good enough), then leads can work out for you. For me and countless thousands it didn't.

For one thing, buying leads takes the control of your business away from you. You're reliant upon the lead vendor to produce leads at the time you want them. I'm sure there were times your vendor didn't deliver your leads on time, or worse yet, a lot of the leads you talked to were looking for jobs, not businesses.

Not having quality people to talk to definitely slows you down. And relying upon a lead vendor to give you that, is expecting a bit too much. Right?

I've always had a problem with sharing-even as a kid. I can remember fighting over crayons- "I had it first, so it's mine!" Well, when it comes to purchased leads, you're going to have to put all your unresolved issues of sharing away. You see, more often than not, the leads you'll get will not be exclusive to you. You will have to share.

So in a nutshell, you're going to be fighting for your leads attention from every other network marketer those leads were sold to. That is why when you call some leads, they tell you that they're sick of people like you calling them all day long.

In some cases, these prospects fill out multiple forms on the Internet. In more cases than not, those leads have been sold to not only multiple network marketers, but to other lead vendors as well-only to be resold again. If you haven't had success with leads, now you know that the odds were against you from the very start.

What you need is a marketing system that creates your own exclusive leads for you and at the same time sells a retail product that produces an income for you. Once you're able to create your own leads, you'll see the odds of success will be stacked for you instead of against you.
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