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Ten Reasons for Affiliate Marketing

Jan 30, 2008
Becoming an affiliate marketer could change your life! It has boosted the incomes of thousands if not millions of people of all ages across the world. With incredibly low set-up costs it must be one of the best home business opportunities available. Here are 10 good reasons to be an affiliate marketer.

1. Low cost start-up.
Some of the millionaire affiliate marketers around today started with just $5 in their pockets. All you need is a good computer (laptop for preference), a broadband internet connection and some word-processing software. If you also have a bit of spare cash, say around $200, then that's a help.

2. Work from anywhere.
As long as you have your laptop and internet connection you can work wherever you are - at home or on holiday. This makes it a perfect business for students, stay-at-home moms or people caring for elderly parents.

3. No product development costs.
Anyone who sells their own product must shoulder the expense of development. With some products this can be substantial. Affiliate marketers have no such costs: the merchant picks up the tab.

4. No processing of payments.
Setting up a merchant account, especially for an internet business, can be expensive and time-consuming and there's always the danger of fraud. With affiliate marketing, the merchants process all payments so you don't have the hassle of dealing with credit cards or checks.

5. No product storage or shipping costs.
As an affiliate you can work from a small attic bedroom or student dorm without having to worry about the storage or handling of goods. All that's the merchant's headache. You don't need an inventory; you don't have to process orders; and you don't have the stress of packing and shipping products to customers all over the world.

6. Thousands of products and services with which to work.
Internet marketing is in a phase of astronomical growth that looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. There are thousands of affiliate programs selling every imaginable product online. You have an incredible choice of markets to go into. Which other business can give you this flexibility?

7. No difficult and demanding customers with which to work.
If the thought of dealing with customer complaints makes your blood run cold, then affiliate marketing is perfect for you. Your merchant will take care of all the awkward squad.

8. No employees or salaries to worry about.
Employees are a big expense and a cause of stress in many businesses. As an affiliate it's unlikely you'll need permanent employees to work for you. If you do need extra help, there are lots of freelance experts who can be hired on a one-off basis to help you with specific projects.

9. Make money on holiday or while you sleep.
Once you begin promoting affiliate products the system becomes automated so you can still be making money while you are fast asleep or sunning yourself on a tropical beach.

10. High income potential.
With affiliate marketing the sky is the limit, provided you are prepared to learn the skills and put in the time and effort. Top affiliates bring in more than $1,000,000 per year and even newcomers can make up to $10,000 per month. However, to be successful it is important to invest in your affiliate marketing education. There are a number of online programs that can help you make sure that your campaigns are effective and profitable.
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