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Don't Be Intimidated By Ebay

Jan 30, 2008
You have lot's of things you want to sell on eBay. You have so much stuff around your house, you literally trip over it wherever you walk. So why aren't you on eBay selling those items? If you have never sold on eBay before, you are probably thinking that it is too hard and too complicated to do. You may think you need to be a computer wiz to be able to set up items to sell. You are afraid, and think what if I make a mistake.

The best way to learn how to sell on eBay is to just start doing it. What is the worst that could happen. Only two things, either your item doesn't sell, or your item sells for a small amount of money. If either of those things happen, so what! If you are getting rid of stuff around the house, do you really care what it sells for? You were going to throw it out anyway.

That's how I learned to sell on eBay. I just started selling. I went to eBay, read the directions they had on how to sell stuff, followed those directions and set up some auctions. Guess what? I sold some stuff. Boy, was I proud of myself.

Now I can't tell you that my first auction was my best. I can't say that my first auction listing was the best looking listing. But I managed to do it. I kept at it, and as I did more and more, I got better and better. The more I set up auctions, the better I got at it. The more I set up auctions, the better they looked. The more I set up auctions, the higher my selling price became. The more I did it, the better I got.

I am an eBay expert now. I teach how to sell ebooks on eBay. In fact, I even set up eBay businesses for lots of people who want to start an eBay business.

My success still goes all the way back to when I put up for auction my very first item. If I had not made up my mind to do it, and then taken the action to just start selling, I would not be where I am today. Had I been to afraid of making a mistake, if I had waited because I really didn't know enough to set up an auction, I would never have learned.

I am no different than you. I didn't know how to sell on eBay when I started. But I learned. You certainly can do the same thing I did. Now there are more guides, ebooks, courses, etc out there that will teach you how to set up auctions and sell on eBay, my course and ebook systems included. You have an advantage over when I started. But in the end, no matter how much guidance you get, you still have to do it.

There is no substitute for experience. There is no better way of learning how to sell on eBay then actually selling on eBay. Information on how to do it is very helpful and will make it easy for you to succeed. But to really succeed, to really be able to sell on eBay you have to do it. JUST DO IT!
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