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How To Find Cheap Office Supplies

Jan 30, 2008
The best way to reduce the costs of running your office is to make the most of cheap office supplies. There are a number of people on the internet that make ordering and purchasing office equipment. This can reduce your costs considerably and if you invest in good quality supplies then you will have equipment that lasts longer and then you will not need to update it as regularly. So what are the best low cost office supplies available online?


The range of options when you are looking for a calculator is vast. Prices can range from 3 pounds to 100 pounds depending on the level of sophistication you are looking for. If you are looking for a calculator that can print off receipts and essentially act like a till then you will be looking at the top end of this price bracket. A simple calculator can cost very little and run off solar power. For simple functions these are excellent choices. Medium range calculators will be able to perform complex functions.

Label and label makers

Label and label makers can be great if you have to mail a large number of people regularly, if you need to label CDs or DVDs or if you need to label your products. Refilling your label machine can be done with a few clicks online and the company you order your labels from can often post your order to you rapidly so that if you have run out of labels and need them replenished quickly they will deliver the following day.


Many offices spend an extortionate amount of money on buying new pens each year. This is mostly because the pens that have been bought are not managed correctly and staff see them as disposable items. So rather than looking after the pens they are careless with them. The pens rarely run out so you do not even make the most out of your money. I would suggest that you upgrade your pen supply so that your employees use better quality pens. If the pens they use are more expensive or valuable then people are more likely to look after them. Online shops will often supply fantastic offers if you buy supplies for a longer amount of time. The benefits of buying online includes being able to order items quickly and easily and fast delivery.

Rubber bands

Many companies run through a surprisingly large quantity of rubber bands each year. These rubber bands seem to disappear at an alarming rate. Keeping on top of your supply of rubber bands is easy if you can set up an order online. Many online websites that sell rubber bands have a service where you can place an order and refer back to the same order every time you re-stock. This makes it extremely straightforward to keep your office stocked with rubber bands.


Markers need to be kept fresh. Far too often they fade and the things you write on your whiteboard look faded and lose their effect. Keeping your office well stocked with markers can have a really positive effect on the workplace. If you use your whiteboards to keep track on your progress then it is vital that the images are clear. You can update your cabinet quickly by utilising the internet. Many companies will offer fast delivery and easy methods for repeat ordering.
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