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Discover Why I Went From Rehab To 6 Figure Income On Ebay

Jan 31, 2008
How would you like to earn $12,000 a year for an few hours work a week? This is the potential income from the sale of one successfully rehabilitated website a week.

But what's a rehab website. It's simple you just spot a website that has got poor marketing but everything else seems ok. In other words a decent product or a ton of traffic or even both if your really lucky. Or if that fails get one off eBay or elsewhere on the net.Remember the difference is in the marketing.

Can you imagine that you could actually create one of these sites every day. Just think thats more than $8500 a month for around 10 hours work. Do you think you'll be able to manage that?

The wonderful about the internet is it lowers the barrier to entry previously business would have left you with huge loans and massive rick but with the net a few hundred dollars and a laptop or PC and you are good to go.

If you are thinking I can't even program the video how and know less than nothing about CSS and html don't panic . Technical help can be found for less than you might think and for $200 or less you can have a workable template for your ideas which can be use to produce a whole range of different business websites for $25 or so.

Ok so you can't even be bothered trying to find website but can't see this opportunity just drift past you why not go and buy a ready to go website template all you do is plug in your details and your in business.

It really isn't rocket science you just set the site up , maybe make a change or two or add a new product and then stick a listing up on eBay and wait for people to come and buy your of the shelf turn key plug and play website.

It's that easy. For years marketing experts have been advising us to look for under-deployed assets - something that didn't quite make it because of a lack of marketing know-how.

As the demand continues to skyrocket sites like eBay will continue to grow. Entrepreneurs that get in on the act now will be tomorrow's leaders. With increased demand so does the need for learning.

There's a big picture as well. Once you master the corridors of business on the Internet you not only reap direct financial benefits but you also become a teacher.As the industry grows so does the demand for people who understand its seemingly mysterious ways.
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