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Using a Team to Manage a Membership Site

Jan 31, 2008
There are many things that must be done regularly to keep a membership site running. Depending on the size and growth of your site, you may find that you are unable to handle the volume of work necessary to keep it running smoothly on your own. This means that your site is thriving and growing, and it is a very good thing.

You may want to have a plan in place before you become overloaded. In fact, you could start planning for this at the same time you are planning and designing your site. If you already have a management plan in place, you won't be as likely to become stressed when the work starts to pile up.

Being prepared will also ensure that your site does not experience any bumps or hiccups. This will keep your subscribers happy and provide for consistent growth.

A few of the tasks that will need to be handled include updating the content, answering various questions, as well as responding to customer support and technical issues.

Creating new content may be one of the most time-consuming tasks, especially if you are running a content based site. Hiring a ghostwriter to write articles, special reports and ebooks for your members will likely save you a lot of time. You may want to interview several ghostwriters, as their skills can vary widely. You will want to find someone who can effectively write about the topics your site is centered upon.

As for uploading the content and responding to emails and technical issues, you may be able to designate these tasks between yourself and a virtual assistant. Once your site is larger, you may want to outsource these tasks completely, freeing up your time to market your site and work on new projects.

Speaking of marketing, establishing an affiliate program is a great way to market your site. This will increase your marketing reach and help you increase your subscriber base, but it will increase your workload, too.

You may want to hire an affiliate manager to oversee your affiliate program. Instead of looking outside of your site for a partner, you might consider "promoting" from within. Sometimes offering to promote your most successful affiliate into the role of affiliate manager can be very effective. They are already highly involved with you site and know how it works and what your members require. This mean they have a very small learning curve and can be very helpful right away.

By having a team in place to help you run and manage your membership site, you will be able to manage all of the demands your membership site throws at you.
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