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Tips for Finding the Perfect JV Partner

Jan 31, 2008
A joint venture project is only as good as the team. This makes finding the right partner imperative to a successful and enjoyable endeavor.

So who do you partner with and where do you find them?

One of the best places to look might be with the people you already do business with online. Do you use a virtual assistant? Copywriter? Designer? If your immediate group of associates doesn't present any options, consider your networking group.

Seminars and workshops are also a fantastic place to locate potential partners. Additionally, if push comes to shove and you're running out of options, consider posting a "joint venture partner wanted" in relevant forums and membership sites.

Anybody involved in the internet marketing industry or your specific niche can be a joint venture partner. One of the most common joint ventures occurs when one partner has a new product to sell and another partner has an existing mailing list to promote that product to.

If you identify someone you would like to partner with, take time planning and researching before you approach them.

Consider the following steps before you contact a potential partner:

1. Find out everything about your potential partner before you contact them. Visit their website, read their books, sign up for their newsletters.

2. Get to know their customers if possible. Does their target audience really fit your product or service? If they have a membership site, sign up for it and get to know their subscribers.

Once you're ready to contact them, consider calling them rather than sending an email. An email runs the risk of being deleted before it is ever read. If email is still your choice, then take the time to customize and personalize your email to the person. Another option is to contact your potential partner via snail mail. If you choose this option, consider sending your proposal via FedEx so that it isn't mistaken as junk mail.

Any initial contact is best handled professionally and not as a sales pitch. Many business owners, like you, are extremely busy. They'll happily listen to you if you present your proposal in a professional manner and present the opportunity as it would benefit them and their business.

Pitch it right and you have a brand new and exciting adventure ahead of you.
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