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How to Do a Local Job Search

Aug 17, 2007
Many people are out there looking for a job. A local job search can often be difficult. But did you know you can do a local job search right from your own home? You can even do a local job search without even having to get up from your chair. How do you do a local job search? What's the best way to do a local job search? Let's go over some of the methods.

The first way people usually do a local job search is from a newspaper. This is not always the best way to do a local job search, but it is commonly used. The first way to do this local job search is to get your local newspaper. You can either have it delivered to your home or purchase it a grocery store or gas station. You then open your newspaper to the classified section and start your local job search. The jobs are sectioned off by their designated fields such as: legal, medical, labor, drivers, sales, etc. Before you start this local job search, you may want to have a resume already made.

The most popular form of a local job search is to go online and do a local job search. There are several websites that offer a local job search. I find the easiest website to use for a local job search to be careerbuilders.com. At this website you begin your local job search by first creating a resume. You can either copy and paste a resume you have already created or you can use the websites free resume builder. You can save up to 5. Next you begin the local job search. First select your city and state. You then select how far away you are willing to work from your zip code. Next you select the categories of job interest and click "enter." Soon you will have tons of jobs listed from your local job search. You can then select jobs you are interested in and automatically send them your resume. It is the easiest way to do a local job search. Careerbuilder.com even emails you daily with jobs that match the local job search you did on the website.

The last local job search website you may be interested in is monster.com. This website is probably the most popular, but not as user friendly. It is very similar to careerbuilder.com except that they do not send out email alerts for jobs you may be interested in.

Finding a great job is very important. Finding the best job is not always easy. Use the information you have just been given wisely. With it you should have no trouble finding the perfect job.
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