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Types Of Web Hosting

Jan 31, 2008
Choosing to avail of a type of web hosting service is not a simple matter. Like deciding on how you want your eggs to be cooked, whether you prefer it sunny side up, scrambled, eggs benedict, in an omelet, or boiled to name a few, there are a number of web hosting services that you can check and evaluate on which one would suit you best and fulfill your purpose. Here are some of the hosting services that are available via the world wide web.

Free web hosting services are those for the freebie loving fellows as they come at no cost. These providers basically giveaway to eager users space for them to create their own web pages or websites. But do not think that these providers are like modern day Robin hoods or are all too generous to give their space for free. Bear in mind that behind that generosity are sponsors that are paying up the providers to advertise and showcase their stuff to users. The downside to these sites is the limited scope that is available. For greater capacity of your hosting capabilities, these free hosting services may offer you opportunity to upgrade to their paid hosting scale. This could prove to be a great strategy as most users get hooked to web hosting and thus are inclined to upgrade to better and greater things.

In dedicated hosting services, the host allows their users to have access and control over their very own web servers. This means that they get to be the administrator if they are using the Windows system or get the root access if they are using Linux. Even if they have complete rule over their server, these users are still not the owners of their servers. Further, in this type of hosting service, users may choose to have their dedicated hosting unmanaged or self-managed. If such is the case, the user does not only has full control but they also are accountable for maintaining and for making sure that their dedicated box is secured and well in place. Conversely, in a managed hosting service, the host reserves the right to bar the users to some features or to deny them access in certain aspects on their servers. This is to avoid the usually inexperienced user to make and initiate problems on the modification and configuration of the server. In this type however, the user is permitted to manage their records and information through the use of remote management tools or through FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Like self managed dedicated hosting, the users do not have ownership of the server they are holding these servers on lease.

The most dominant and relatively most expensive of the kinds of web hosting is the collocation hosting service. This type has the same aspects and features like a dedicated web service like having the host provide the space for the service and the obligation to take care of it; the difference in on the type of support that is provided for by the provider to the user. Such support is limited only to the storage facilities, the internet access and electrical aspects.
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