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How To Choose The Best Resume Styles

Jan 31, 2008
The job market is extremely competitive, and you want to make the best impression possible. While there hundreds of resume styles being used by job seekers, you want to take the time to choose the right one.

You may be wondering why there even has to be so many styles. Well, for starters, resumes aren't just presented as physical documents any more. There's a growing trend for people to view documents like resumes on the computer. A style that works splendidly as a printed document just will not work as well when sent through email or fax. So, this has naturally led to more styles for each medium.

Then you also need to consider that certain positions may call for a very specific resume style. So you'll need to be adaptable. You'll want to tweak your resume to suit each situation so that it showcases your relevant skills. That's what a resume is for, after all: To show off your expertise.

The chronological style is by far the most popular resume format with both job seekers and potential employers. As the name implies, this resume lists all your previous jobs, starting with the most recent.

The functional style resume is a bit newer, but it's steadily growing in popularity. Unlike the chronological style, you use this resume to list your very best accomplishments and qualifications first, followed by the just slightly less impressive ones. The advantage of this resume is that it makes it easy for the employer to read it quickly and decide whether or not you sound like someone who is qualified for the job. It also lets you give your strengths the center stage.

These two resume styles aren't the only styles around, certainly, but most other formats are variations of the chronological and functional resumes. Here's a good point to remember: Don't be afraid to try out different resume styles. Change them out to suit your needs and purpose for each situation. Resumes exist to tell potential employers about your abilities, and the right resume will put them in the best light.
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