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Use These Hot Tips To Generate Incredibly Profitable Information

Jan 31, 2008
Information products are a hot trend on the Internet, and it's no surprise. The Internet lets your clients find relevant, timely information on any subject, at any time. Where else can you find so much information at your fingertips?

The Internet has one major advantage over books. Books are usually not specific enough for most people. I don't want to read a whole book on developing HTML coding and website engineering - I only want to record and edit my presentation so I can sell it online. Finding a book at the bookstore which relates to just this topic could be a long and frustrating experience. But thanks to the wonders of the internet, we can easily find an e-book or video on the internet that can teach me exactly what I need to know.

Information on the internet is more current than print information. Once a book is written, it takes about one year to edit a book, send it to the publisher, print it, and get it onto store shelves. In that time, a lot of information may become outdated. By contrast, e-books are up-to-date, containing cutting-edge information. E-books are easy to update electronically, so it's easy to keep them current.

Information products help to boost my internet sales, and they can help you, too. Information products include e-books, videos, and special reports. But they also include things like tele-seminars. Membership sites and subscriptions to paid newsletters are great ways to make the most of information technology.

How can you get started creating your own information product?

First, you need to figure out what your customers really want.

Yes, it sounds simplistic, but give it some serious thought. What they want and what you think they want may be two different things. You are knowledgeable about your topic, and that knowledge can help you to create an exceptional product. But before you start, you need to understand that your customers don't have your knowledge. They may be asking different questions. The measure of your success is the measure of how well you answer their questions.

You will be looking for ways to capture the names and email addresses of clients. Why not add a field that lets them ask you questions? Trust me, after you collect 100 email subscribers, you will know exactly what they need! That information will help you provide a great product, and will also help you write a killer sales letter aimed right at your target audience.

Join us for Part II, where I give you five hot tips to generate incredibly profitable information products.
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