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Can You See What I'm Saying? Visual Representational Systems

Jan 31, 2008
In a previous article, I discussed the basics of the VAK (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) representational system and it's value in gaining rapport with an affluent clientle. In this article, I'm going to go more in depth with visual language.

When people use visual words to represent what they're thinking, words like 'bright', 'vibrant', 'I see what you're saying', they are processing information visually. If they use these words a lot, visual is their dominant system and the one they are most conscious of.

A person who is visually oriented might speak with their hands. They might also talk faster than a non-visually oriented person as if to describe the picture in the notion 'a picture is worth a thousand words'.

Put a picture in your mind and you're trying to describe it to me you may really get off on a roll here with your words, you're trying like crazy to describe it and you're talking, like sometimes people they talk really fast, even talking a little higher. The pictures are flipping through their mind at high speed and they're trying to give you all the information that they're seeing and they can't quite keep up with it even.

Now try reading the last paragraph out loud, sort of fast, and this will give you an idea of how a visual person speaks.

Visually oriented people breathe higher in their chests. You might also find that they need more space between themselves and other people as they talk to them. They tend to need a greater distance because they're processing these pictures in their head and need the room to see.

Try this: if you think someone is very visually oriented when you're talking to them, just move so you're standing really close to them and see if they don't get uncomfortable.

You can do this with a visually oriented person to confuse them slightly, therefore making persuasion effortless. If you notice them looking off into space, point to where they are looking and slide the area around.

It's fun to play around with this a little bit and will absolutely not hurt the person you're doing it with. This will help you to begin to understand the mechanisms of a visually oriented person.

It's so much fun persuading a visually oriented person because you can almost see it happening, watch it as it washes over them, and it is powerful.

As you become stronger at gaining rapport it is valuable to understand the representational system that your clients and prospects are using. Stay tuned for some future articles on the shortcut to figuring this out easily. Until then, see if you can identify five visually oriented people and notice how they speak and gesticulate.
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