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Information Product Creation - Writing the Ebook of Your Dreams Can Become A Reality

Jan 31, 2008
This article has two purposes, all designed to help you write the ebook of your dreams.

First, we're going to focus on ways to get your reader involved in your book. The more ways you can get your reader to feel like you are speaking directly to him, the more special and connected he will feel. That translates, for you, into A READER FOR LIFE.

The second purpose is dedicated to helping you find good resources for information that you might need in a hurry to expand a point, finish a thought or illustrate a concept.

You never know when you will come up blank when you are scooting along, typing as fast as you can, so full of ideas that you cannot get them down fast enough. You hit the enter key to start a new paragraph and, bang, you don't know what to say next. It happens to every writer sooner or later...I hate it when it happens to me.

Let's do it!

There's several ways to bring your reader into your ebook as they read along. In order to increase their feeling of belonging or being part of your circle of friends, you have to give them a reason to believe what you are saying to them.

The first way to do that is to write like you are talking to your best friend or your mother. Keep your tone warm and friendly, even if you are writing about something that's not very pleasant. Your reader will definitely respond if you can make him feel like you are sitting down with him and sharing coffee and cookies. How do you do this?

Use simple words and short sentences. Refer directly to your reader by using personal terms, like "you" and "we and "our" when you are discussing some problem or activity you both share. Those three words bridge the gap between you and your reader. If you look over the lessons, including this one, you will see that I do it all the time.

Another way is to give your reader a reason to believe you. When you make a statement that is startling, controversial or not well known, provide proof of the accuracy of your statement. Below, you will find links to several deep pools of facts that you can use to back up your statements. I included the search term I used to find these resources.

If your customers even suspect that you are not telling the truth, they will drop you like a hot potato. You will be able to tell that this is happening by the many requests for an immediate refund. It will be a no-brainer.

This entire scenario can be avoided if you back your information up with facts they can check themselves. Provide the link to the site you used to find the fact.

Now, your reader feels like your friend and believes what you, say, which is building your credibility. Think about it. If you sold 25 ebooks and you used these techniques, you would have 50-75 customers willing to buy other products from you. Happy customers tell their family and friends.

One technique that works pretty well is to answer objections up front...before they even form in your reader's mind. You're the one writing the material; you'll know what might bring up a credibility killing objection.

If you've researched your topic, like you've read more than once in these lessons, you will already know what your reader might object to. Determine the most common objections to your premise or statement and answer them before your reader thinks of them, and they will.

An easy way to do this involves asking questions. This simple technique has two purposes. It will draw your reader into your ebook and keep him there, while preventing him from latching onto objections. Make your questions personal, like you are standing next to your reader and asking him.

Here's some examples of questions that will make your reader stop and think about what you just asked him:

1..."Did you ever see an 8-foot tomato plant that produced two-color fruit?"

2..."What do you think your teenager does when you are in the shower?"

3..."Are your neighbors really who you think they are?"

4..."Do you have bedbugs?"

See what I mean? Number 4 gave me the creeps and I wrote it.

If you are trying to head off possible objections before your reader thinks of them, use questions like these:

1..."Do you think that's impossible?" Let me explain.

2..."Have you ever seen this? Well, let me tell you ____.

3...Do you believe _______?" I do, here's why.

4..."Does that sound like a fantasy?" Here's why it's true.

I'm sure you can see the actual benefit of using these techniques and how they will improve your own methods of presenting information to your readers. Try it! You'll like it! So will your readers.

Let's move on to a priceless store of peripheral information that, if used sparingly and when it is needed, will make your ebook shine and your writing process easier.

Sooner or later, you will need a quick resource for new ideas or to get your ebook out of a hole you just dug for it with your very own fingers.

QUOTES: (search term: quotes or quotations)

(FYI: Quotes can generate hundreds of ideas for new ebooks, besides help break a roadblock in your creative processes or add interest to your page.)

ARTICLE DIRECTORIES: (search term: "article directories" with quotes)

Article directories are stocked full with resources to start your brain waves cooking or to improve the way you think about a subject.

Remember that ideas cannot be copyrighted. If you read an article and it gives you an idea, run with it.

Your arsenal of tools and ideas is full of real sources to check and actions to apply on your way to finishing your ebook. Your success is just around the corner. I can feel it. Can you?
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