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Internet Marketing - Vision Allocation

Jan 31, 2008
Let's see, if we go back far enough in time we find a car. This car doesn't have an especially comfortable ride. Someone invests shock absorbers and markets the idea. Customers discover something they no longer want to be without.

In time an in-dash radio is developed and the consumer moves that item from the "whodathunkit file' to the 'gotta have it file'.

The same is true for air conditioning, electrical seats, windows and doors. This was followed by keyless entry, keyless trunk entry and automatic vehicle starting using a key fob. Then came satellite radio and GPS units for navigation. The Internet became available in automobiles and people started using it along with hands-free and voice activated phone calling.

What did we ever do before all the storage, cup holders and fold away seating?

How did this happen?

Marketing. Pure and simple marketing. An individual develops an improvement on an existing idea and markets that idea to the maker of the product. If that marketing session is successful the new improvement will become an option for subsequent sales of the product and perhaps a standard item.

Every year there are improvements to vehicles, cell phones, dishwashers and a multitude of other products. It seems that everything is new and improved. New computers always have greater storage capacity, better monitors and improved functionality. Many products are obsolete within months of purchase because a new upgrade has been released making your purchase seem ancient by comparison.

Online marketing can be approached with the same principle idea. You have a business idea with a product that you believe will provide a great improvement to the lives and welfare of your prospects and customer base.

Do you believe enough in your product to properly pitch the idea online?

The growth of your business is dependent on the right mix of quality idea and exceptional marketing plan. The truth is your product will not sell itself. It may fill nice looking boxes in a warehouse, but it will do no one any good until you move your product from a collection of boxes to shipping labels with the names of new customers.

This is accomplished as you work to get the word out that you have something valuable. If you don't demonstrate belief in your product then no one else will either.

Yes, Internet marketing requires skill, but it also requires patience. You need to learn the skills associated with online marketing in order to be successful, but you also need to know that certain aspects of marketing such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) take time to demonstrate results.

You might think of this process like planting a seed in the garden in spring. In time your efforts will result in a harvest, but it takes planning, care and a willingness to pick the produce when it's full-grown.

I am certain there have been great ideas that may have revolutionized certain aspects of our lives, but the originators of those dreams did not make the hard choice to do something with their dreams. The ideas were never marketed and the public was never allowed to share in a vision.

If you have a dream be willing to boldly share that concept with others. You might just change the world, but they have to know about the dream first.
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