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Supporting Call Centers in the Philippines

Jan 31, 2008
The call center industry in the Philippines rests on a number of pillars supporting it, making it possible to rake in millions, if not billions, of revenues. After all, the industry can never exist in a vacuum. Through the support it is receiving both inside and outside the call centers, it is able to navigate through difficulties and rise to be one of the prime industries in the Philippines.

The call centers number one support comes from its agents who tirelessly render their services in order to provide services to different kinds of customers all over the world. In most cases, call center operations in the Philippines happen at night when most people in the Philippines are sleeping.

As they say, the worlds best businesses never sleep. Because most of the clients of call centers are located in the United States, Canada, and Europe among others, agents have to work during the graveyard shift in order to help the customers calling the centers. Even during Philippine and international holidays, agents render their services just to get the business going.

There are also non-voice personnel within the call centers including the email support teams, the IT personnel, the human resource people, together with the managers and senior officials of the company.

Non-voice personnel also provide important support to the call centers. Some customers prefer to write letters and not to talk on the phone. This is why a number of people in the customers are dedicated to answer queries directed via email and fax. As they say, there is something for everyone in the call centers.
The IT personnel in the call centers are also important part of the edifice of the industry. They design the computer systems and make sure that everyone in the call center is connected so that they can easily communicate important information that could be used by everyone in the center.

Business continuity in the call center industry is very important. In the event that there are very strong typhoons and even political issues that disrupt the operations of call centers, there should be contingencies and alternatives for the business to continue. These people are always on the lookout for hot issues that could suddenly erupt.

Human resource personnel, on the other hand, ensure that agents are well supported and provided with the salary and benefits they are entitled to. The HR department also ensures that there are enough agents hired to take care of the attrition rate and bring in fresh people to help the call centers deal with the volume of calls being received.

Lastly, the Philippine government also provides support to the call center industry. It encourages investors to bring their money to the Philippines and direct them to the call center industry, which has been experiencing a boom in the past five years or so. The government also highlights the importance of the industry among its citizens so that more professionals could be encouraged to enter the said industry.
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James Stinson is Owner and Founder of Global Sky Inc. He employs a team of 50 in a high quality call center facility based in the Philippines. For more info on outsourcing your project visit: http://www.global-sky.com
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