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Top 3 Ways to Make Money from a Blog

Jan 31, 2008
Blogging has quickly been recognized by many internet marketers lately. It has been known to be a very powerful tool to save all of your information and articles to in order to get traffic. But, what some people dont know is that you can make a full time income using blogs alone. Blogging is so easy and fun to do and can be done by pretty much anybody. If you have a facebook or MySpace then you will do just fine running a blog.

When you first set up a blog you may want to look into the site known as Blogger as it is run by Google. When you set up a blog with them and try to make money from them you will get ranked in the search engines way better then with any other site because Google actually ranks them very highly. Blogger is also a free site so you will not have to pay for any domain name or hosting.

While there are many people out there that can make a full time income by using just blogs alone, there are the few that still use blogs for just personal use. If only they knew the true power of a blog and how to maximize it to full profit potential. Today, I am going to give you a few ways that you can make money from a blog and then you can go ahead and try out my ideas for free after you are done reading this article.

#1 Affiliate Marketing

This is the top way to make money from your blog. What people do is write a few posts that are on a certain topic and leave a link at the bottom of the post that is an affiliate link. Affiliate marketing is when you sell someone elses product and you can make a commission off of it.

#2 Google Adsense

Another cool thing about blogger is that you have the capability to use Google Adsense on your blog for free. Google adsense is Google ads that you see on the right hand of your screen when you do a search in Google. Whenever someone clicks on the ads that you have on your page you will get paid per click.

#3 Sell your own product

You can also sell your own product if you dont like the idea of selling someone elses. Also, blogging about your new product is a good way to get it on the market and show it off to other marketers. It is a good way to also make a countdown of your product release that way when it releases to the web it will have a boom in sales.

So, there you have it! There are a few ways that you can make money from a blog. Good luck with starting out your new blog business.
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