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The 2 Ways to Have Unlimited Surveys to Take

Jan 31, 2008
Paid Surveys is a great, fun and fast way to make some extra cash when you need it. I know that I was definitely hitting up the paid surveys around the holidays because man do I ever have a huge family. There are many different ways about going to take paid surveys. Some include a few free ways to take surveys and then there is a way that you can pay to get a list of surveys. Which way are the best way about going about it and how much money in the long run would you be able to make?

Well, the first way to go about doing this is by looking manually for surveys for you to take. You can do this by doing a search in your favorite search engine and search for paid surveys. When you do this make sure that you track all of the websites that you will be taking surveys from and also to track how much money you will be making from them.

Another thing about searching for paid surveys to take is look for how much the surveys will actually pay you. It really depends on how much money you are willing to make and therefore you will know if that survey pays enough. You dont want to end up taking a bunch of surveys that are paying you in pennies because that could take a lifetime to even make good money.

The other way to take surveys online is to go through a middle man. By this I mean you sign up with a paid survey site that is willing to supply you with a list of unlimited surveys for you to take. A site like this tends to also track your work and the profit you are making from the paid surveys. You also dont have to worry about waiting for hundreds of different checks in the mail because this site usually combines your profits into one check.

Another cool thing about using a paid survey site is that they have a bunch of other offers that you can participate in to get some more money. Some of these things include watching movie trailers; reading emails, participate in focus groups and many more.

So, you have a few choices here now. If finding surveys manually for free is your thing then there is nothing that can pull you back. But, if you dont like to put in that much effort then getting signed up with a paid survey site is probably your best choice.
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