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Jan 31, 2008
In this article I write about two issues concerning list building, what is the most effective way to collect the email addresses and what to do with those addresses?

1.Put The Opt In Form On Your Site And Blog.
If you put yourself into the trousers of your prospect, would you be interested to know, what you are ordering?
I bet, yes you would! The only right way to build opt in email list is to collect the names and addresses from your own site or blog. In tis way people know, what kind of information they are getting.

It is clear that the list building takes time, but through effective email marketing campaign you can start to market to the people, even if you have ten names on your list.

My own opt in email list grows by about 40 new names per week. It`s really not a world record, but it makes over 2.000 people a year, and these people are INTERESTED about what they have order.

I use the opt in form on all of my site pages ( including articles ) and on my affiliate marketing blog, so when the site visitor is fascinating about my information ( sometimes it happens ) he can sign in immediately and get more useful information.

The idea is to turn the hot visitor into a long term friend and use the email marketing campaign to keep contact with him during a long period of time.

By the way, my list building target for this year is a little bit higher, I try to get 3.000 new names. That would be a great kick for my online income too.

2.Remember: Your Friends Are On Your Opt In Email List.
What is the most unpolite way to keep contact? Well, I think one of the worst ways is to use email marketing campaign, which is based on autoresponder emails. Especially if they look like that!

Emails, especially from friends, are seen always as personal messages. It doesnt matter, that the receiver understands that the email is a part of a email marketing campaign!

This means that an effective marketer segment the addresses on his opt in email list and sends taylor-made messages for each segment. This increases the conversion rate.

So very clearly the email marketing campaign is 100 % relationship building, using autoresponder, yes, but by sending segmented messages.

The reason,why people has joined your opt in email list is, that they are waiting valuable information. The information, which they can utilize in their own internet business.

This is very important point, especially when the email marketing campaigns last several months or a couple of years.
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