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The Allure of Working from Home

Aug 17, 2007
Every day, millions of people report to work on time, punch their time card, and begin another day just like the one before it. The work isn't challenging, the rewards are inherently limited, and the opportunity for real control over one's financial future is nonexistent. Yet day after day, the same roads are clogged with rush hour traffic and the same slate gray cubicles, lousy restaurants and drab factory floors are staffed with people willing to trade their valuable time for nothing more than a wage that keeps them in a perpetual state of debt.

It's a depressing prospect. Fortunately, it is not inevitable. It is possible to leave your hardhat at the work site or to kick down a cubicle's walls and venture out on your own. Although millions play along with the traditional work "game" every day, those who are fed up with its limits can take action.

That action often involves starting a successful work at home business. Today, the quickest and easiest way to begin a home-based venture is via the internet. The explosion of technology and always-increasing access and use of the internet provide an affordable means of become one's own boss.

Some decide to quit the traditional workforce outright. Others grow their own work-at-home business in their spare time until the moment is right to turn their backs on annoying managers, low wages and a lack of job satisfaction.

No matter their background or their plan, those willing to find something more rewarding and more meaningful for themselves are usually drawn to a home-based business for one of three primary reasons. Let's look at the allure of working from home that motivates those tired of dead-end jobs to search out something bigger and better.

Freedom is often at the root of the decision to start a home-based business. The idea of making one's own decisions and being responsible for outcomes is attractive to those with an entrepreneurial spirit. They long to control their own financial destiny and to have the opportunity to put their own ideas and strategies into action instead of being controlled by rolls of corporate red tape or petty-minded superiors.

Earnings are another motivator for those who will start a home-based business. Even those in high-paying jobs recognize that as long as they are a mere employee and not an owner, their earnings potential is limited. They recognize that by owning and controlling their own venture they can take the cap off the earnings. They sky becomes the limit and their income won't be limited by performance reviews or union negotiations.

Flexibility spurs others toward staring a home-based business. A nine-to-five workday with a few vacation days every year isn't universally appealing. In fact, many grow weary of their work schedules and the limitations they force on one's life and time. Those who work from home have the incredible opportunity to set their own schedules and to organize their lives on their own terms.

Although millions will think daydream about a better life while in the middle of yet another morning commute or will wish for something more rewarding while they complete another boring and meaningless task to earn their wage, others are able to break out of the mold and to explore their potential more fully by starting a home business. The desire for freedom, greater earnings and true flexibility leads them to take control over their own financial well-being and their life as a whole.
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Elias Georgi is an experienced and successful sponsor, mentor and coach for many thriving home businesses. Elias offers proven work at home business opportunities and strategies.
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