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Tips For Using A Strapping Machine For The First Time

Feb 1, 2008
The use of a strapping machine is very important because it is what holds boxes, bundles, and very packages together. These machines are loaded with what is called strapping and the machine dispenses the strapping to hold the boxes, bundles, etc. together. The main reason why this is done is for shipping reasons. Shipping a product in bulk can be done considerably easier if the products are strapped together. This allows for the boxes or bundles to be transported without falling over and allows for the transport of more of the product at the same time. This cuts down on time and manpower.

However, everyone who operates a strapping machine has to experience their first time with it. The first time can be rather daunting because of the fear of doing something wrong. That is why there are very important things to consider when operating these machines for the first time. These tips are:

- Safety first. You must listen to all safety instructions given by the supervisor prior to operating the machine. These safety instructions are very important in that the successful operation of the machine relies on them.

- Be aware of the type of machine being used. Is it manual, automatic, or semi-automatic?

- If the machine is a hands-free machine, remember that jobs are done chronologically and that there is a cycle time as to not tamper with the machine if there is a delay in the cycle.

- Some strapping machines simply require programming for the type of material being strapped. Be sure to program the machine correctly and to ask the supervisor if unsure. An incorrect strapping can be dangerous for those transporting the materials.

- Do not ignore the items being strapped. Even though the machine may be reliable in strapping items correctly, it is always a great idea to check the strapping by giving it a firm tug before it is transported. The last thing you want to happen is a strap break during transport and someone be injured from the ordeal. Although machines seem to be trustworthy, it never hurts to double check. That way, if the strap is weak or broken, the strapping for that particular bundle can be redone.

- Again, any questions that need answers should be directed toward your supervisor. A common mistake of new strapping machine operators is that they are afraid to ask in fear that they will be viewed as incompetent. In reality, if questions are not asked and the strapping machine operator takes a guess, the operator could be viewed as incompetent if the job is not done correctly. Asking questions shows an eagerness to learn and not stupidity.

So keep these simple tips in mind. It is more or less common sense and the desire to listen when operating a strapping machine correctly. It more or less depends on the type of machine and the type of goods being strapped that will determine how the machines are operated, but no matter what, questions are key. Before long, you will be the one answering questions for new operators because you received the right answers toward operating your machine correctly and efficiently.
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