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Exchange Hosting: Welcome To The World Of Exchange Hosting

Feb 1, 2008
The world is growing by leaps and bounds, and the technological world is growing even faster. A short twenty years ago, only select few owned computers, and the internet was a slow dinosaur of a beast that took so long to load up that you could make a full seven course meal before you were hooked online. Now, however, high speed internet access is everywhere, from our wireless laptops to our personal computers and Blackberries. People in other countries can have a video conference with split second delays and you can buy almost anything you'd like online. In this strange and new technological world, exchange hosting is becoming the best thing since motherboards were invented.

What Is Exchange Hosting? In simple terms, exchange hosting is putting your company's online business in the hands of a server run by a specialized company. Exchange mail hosting is the most popular form of exchange hosting, allowing businesses, both large and small, the ability to have their e-mail address hosted and watched.

Doing It Yourself Some businesses don't believe in exchange hosting and believe that they can have an exchange server in-house for cheaper than it would cost to do a hosted exchange. When you look at the prices, however, it is evident immediately that it is much more expensive to have your hosting in-house than it is to have exchange hosting. For starters, it costs around $3,000 just for the hardware you'd need to set up your hosting. After you factor in the installation, maintenance, and software, you'll be easily paying over $22,000 just to have your e-mail and Microsoft Exchange 2007 set up. Can your business afford to spend $22,000?

Benefits of Technicians One of the biggest benefits of exchange hosting is the support. When you have your own hosting in-house, you have to find an IT technologist that knows what they're doing. Unfortunately the computer business is littered with people who call themselves experts but who have no idea what Microsoft Exchange is, much less SharePoint. These so called "experts" usually got their training by fiddling around with their computers during their high school years. When you choose exchange hosting, you're getting technicians that not only have years of training in the computer and internet field, they are also trained by the company to help serve the needs of those using the exchange hosting. Not only do you get the experience of experts, you get it whenever you need it. A normal IT would not appreciate being woken up at 3 a.m., but an exchange hosting IT is already awake and ready to serve.

In the business world, there are a lot of decisions that have to be made. One of these decisions got much easier when exchange hosting became available a few years ago. No longer do you have to worry about having hosting on your property. Instead, you can pay a small fee and have a company take care of everything for you.
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