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Hosted Exchange Server: Understanding The World Of Small Business

Feb 1, 2008
Now a days all you see when you look around is big business. If you look in your kitchen you'll probably see brand names like Kenmore and Sears, and your entertainment center is probably filled with big names like Toshiba and Sony. When it comes to computers, Dell and HP have made their mark, and everyone has heard of gaming systems like an Xbox 360, a Playstation 3, and the Nintendo Wii. The fact is that big business has taken over the world, leaving very little room for a small business to exist, let alone thrive. Using a hosted exchange server is one way that a small business can cut costs and be smart in order to move up and survive in a world that was made by big business.

What Is A Hosted Exchange Server?Some businesses are so small, in fact, that they are not even online yet. When you do choose to bring your business online, you'll discover that the earning potential is huge, but then again, so are the costs. If you choose to have someone design a website for your company, you'll be paying a pretty penny. This is to be expected, but what comes as a shock to most is how expensive it is just to host your e-mail or to have Microsoft Exchange. Not only do you have to purchase the program, you have to put in your own server and pay to maintain it. The costs can quickly become prohibitive.

Understanding Microsoft ExchangeSome companies aren't sure that they need Microsoft Exchange. After all, why would someone like a small town florist need a big program like Microsoft Exchange? Let's talk about a florist in a small town. Most successful small-town florists have to make a good amount of deliveries during the day, and those that live in small cities have to deal with remote dirt roads and unnamed streets. What happens if a delivery gets tagged wrong and the driver isn't sure where the flowers are supposed to go? Instead of having to hang up the phone lines by calling back the main shop, a deliverer can simply use Microsoft Exchange to call up the contact information or the calendar in order to know exactly where that rose bouquet is headed.

Making Things EasierThings are truly difficult for small business in this day and age, and the best way to make things easier is to make them simpler. A hosted exchange server can do that for any small business. Having a hosted exchange server means that you don't have to worry about paying for a server or its upkeep. It means that you never have to worry that your e-mail won't get where it's going, or that your deliverer or agent in the field will become confused. A hosted exchange server is one great way to help a small business thrive in this busy and confusing electronic world.
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