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Using Videos To Generate Traffic To Your Website

Feb 1, 2008
Videos become one of the standard marketing tools nowadays. In fact, you will have various ways to use video to promote your website or products. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is probably worth one billion words.

You can put videos on your blog. It is very easy to do this. First of all you will need a webcam. You can just buy a cheap on in your local store. Then you will take a video using the webcam. Next you upload the video to you blog. You will then enjoy the power of videos on your blog.

Besides video blogging, you can also consider putting your videos on various platforms such as the Youtube. I bet all readers will know how successful Youtube is as an online video sharing platform. What is even better is that the services for Youtube are free. With platforms like Youtube you will have unlimited potential to promote your website or products. In most cases, you will try to let more people know your products with the video and put the url of your website to attract people to visit it.

You may probably know that you will be able to boost the conversion if you can pre sell the products well. A video is an excellent tool which aids you to pre sell the products. You may find that sometimes it is quite difficult to pre sell a product with an article when it comes to the actual operations of it. However, you can show them to the visitors easily when you are using a video.

It is also perfect to use video to compare different products. You can imagine that when you are comparing the outlook of three products, you can just put them side by side and people can make their decisions to see which one is better from the video. Of course you may say that this can also be done with photos, but videos are just a lot more attractive by nature.

Of course the quality of the video itself also plays a very important role. A video of low quality will not help. The video should be interesting enough and be able to arouse the curiosity of the people who watch it. It must be something that people find worth digging deeper into the issue or the product. In most cases you will only talk about half of the story in the video since you would like to make the surfers to go to your website for the other half.

In order to let more people to see your videos, you can send the urls of the videos to your subscribers. You may also include these links in your newsletters so that the publicity can be maximized. Of course you can also optimize the titles, descriptions and tags of the videos when you are uploading them to sites such as Youtube.

Marketing with videos is a fun way to promote and pre sell products. You can make your own videos and upload them to your website or the others mentioned. Everyone will love to watch videos and you will be able to make more sales if you are making and promoting the videos in the correct way.
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