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6 Deadly Marketing Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

Feb 1, 2008
Are you involved in network marketing? If the answer to this question is "yes", then you may be using different marketing techniques in order to build your business.

Listed below are free MLM marketing tips, which cover the 6 deadly marketing mistakes that should be avoided at all times.

1. Quitting to early

Just because you have failed using one particular marketing strategy, do not cease to use that particular strategy. It may just simply be a case of you requiring further education or it may be necessary to run a few tests before coming to your final decision. Some of tests that you can run include headlines, ad copy, various incentives etc. It is important not to give up too soon.

2. Failing to offer a solid guarantee

Whether you undertake online or offline marketing, it is important that you have a guarantee. This is feared unnecessarily by many people, as they automatically presume that others will take advantage of them and drive them out of business. Of course, it is perfectly natural to think this way, even though it is absolutely false. Rather than offer a guarantee on the product, why not include a money back guarantee, as this will also increase your sales.

3. Failing to target a market

No matter what you decide to do when it comes to marketing, this tip should be followed at all costs. If targeting everything and everyone in MLM is something that you are attempting to achieve, then good luck! Even in MLM you need to specify who your target audience is. It could possibly be those who are searching for a duplicatable system in order to attract business prospects. It could even be people who require more skills in how to build a downline. No matter what case it is, it is always imperative that you ask yourself who you are trying to reach before you begin any kind of marketing campaign.

4. Failing to undertake research of keywords

Keyword research is vitally important no matter what kind of marketing you are doing online. If keyword research is something that you fail to do, then your target audience will not be able to locate what they are searching for. If you are not going to invest some time into researching relevant keywords, then it is simply a waste of time marketing anything online. By undertaking this research, you will save yourself frustration later down the road.

5. Using an advertiser simply because of their readership, listenership for radio, or viewership for TV

This free MLM marketing tip is specifically for those who really wish to create and think outside of the box. For instance, whilst your marketing methods may enable you to afford these advertisements, if you are advertising a female product on a radio station from 2.00am to 5.00pm that is for sports talk, then you need to ask yourself, "how successful will your campaign be"? Therefore, ensure that you target your audience in the correct manner.

6. You have no upselling

This free MLM marketing tip may step on some toes. If your MLM product or service only allows you to sell one item per customer, then this will prove difficult in times ahead. A job is the only thing that you will have. It is important that your customers are offered more than just one product or service in order to ensure that they return to you time and time again. If you do not do this, where is your residual income?

Therefore, in conclusion, these free MLM marketing tips really can be an advantage to you. Focus on proven marketing strategies that will take your business to the next level and avoid these 6 deadly marketing mistakes at all times.
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