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Why Most Affiliate Marketers Fail!

Feb 1, 2008
My guess is that you have been online for a while and you have decided that it is time for you to create and affiliate product or service. Chances are that you have seen the crazy amounts of cash other affiliate program/product owners are making from their affiliates and you want a piece of that pie.

First off... congratulations. If this is your first affiliate product or service, you are up for a challenge and I will tell you why.

Most online marketers fail because their assumption is that once they have an affiliate program in place, the sales should come flowing in automatically. However, that is practically never the case. Thats right, never.

Sad fact is that these groups of people are often left disappointed and heartbroken when their sales target was not reached after their first month. They simply give up saying... internet marketing does not work for me.

But hold on, there is hope!

Not getting any sales from your affiliates can be frustrating and if you do not know your way around and are not having the right methods in place to guide your affiliates, achieving the success you were hoping for can be a very difficult task.

First of all, ask yourself why does it fail in the first place? Do you provide enough tools for you affiliates to work with and do you guide them along the way?
Well, to share with you, most successful marketers actually have a affiliate toolbox in place which basically is a bunch of advertising material that the affiliates can use to promote their affiliate link with. This can be in the form of email templates, ad templates, video guidelines and even advertising resources such as sales letters for them to distribute. This way you can be assured, that your affiliates are using the right methods to promote your products.

Another way to achieve a specific sales target is by having an incentive program to motivate your affiliates. Although the program itself is already paying them commissions, further more can be achieved by offering them a reward if a particular sales target is met. Think of it like a bonus and I'm sure by doing that, not only the sense of motivation is there but also the affiliates themselves will have their own set of target to fulfill. If both methods are applied, I believe you've already taken the first step towards achieving a successful online marketing business.
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