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Turn Social Networking Contacts Into Affiliate Marketing Customers

Feb 1, 2008
This must be the target and to reach this target, you need a deeper and more creative strategy. Just a link on the social networking site is not enough, you have to present a reason, a benefit, why a reader should visit your affiliate marketing site or blog. How would you do this?

The key is like in all advertising, that your social networking link and all copy with that, must be able to stand out from the crowd of many other affiliate marketing texts and to offer unique and useful benefits in a personal way.

As we all know there are several social networking sites, which all need there own approaches. Their business ideas are different ones, so are the targets. The basic idea is to respond to these basic needs.

And you have to determine, whether your affiliate marketing business fits for a social networking site in question. It it does not, do not use it.

For instance, Facebook and MySpace are general social networking sites, but Squidoo has its own profile, which is more useful for the affiliate marketing, because its ability to get targeted traffic.

The challenge is not to enter these sites, but to draw targeted traffic to your web site or blog. To get the answer to this, you could set yourself into the trousers of your potential prospect in these sites. How you wait that other affiliate marketers or prospects would behave towards you?

1.Affiliate Marketing Is A Numbers Game, Also In The Social Networking Sites.
This means that you have to grow the number of contacts, to build a base, with whom you can communicate and deepen your image. Around 60 contacts is enough to start with.

Most social networking sites have their own built in tools by which you can get contacts with earlier classmates, old friends and fellows. One great opportunity is to launch invitations to these people or affiliate marketing contacts, when you will meet them.

The big number`s law is incredible, if you build two contacts on the first day and every contact adds two contacts every day, in the end of the month you have over 20 million contacts. And in the social networking you never know how many contacts your contact has, because they all are networkers!

2.Use Segmented Approach.
The battlefield is the social networking site, other sites there and especially the members, who all are looking some benefits for their own affiliate marketing. The job is simple: offer useful information and do not try to sell anything.

3.The Personal Contacts Are The Best Ones.
The very nature of social networking site is that it is a forum, where other members are waiting for personal approach, so it offers an excellent opportunity to take fruitful contacts and turn them little by little as long term ones.

If usefulness is a key, another key is activity. The more you show your ideas on these sites, the more results you will get. It is a part of the big numbers law!
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