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The People Behind Philippine Call Centers

Feb 1, 2008
Jobs at Philippine call centers have been filling up like hotcakes. There has been continuous recruitment and hiring since the birth of the call center industry in the Philippines more than five years ago. From a measly number of a few thousand employees in the year 2000, the call center workforce in the Philippines has grown exponentially and grew to 200,000. That is an amazing number of employees yet as the sector grows in the next few years, this number is even expected to increase to around one million in 2010.

Filipino young professionals are looking for good employment today. Since the Philippines is a developing country, more often than not, employment prospects are not very good and salary levels are not very high. Due to offshore call centers, however, these young professionals now have a better option for employment.

The applicants for call center jobs are usually college or university graduates who took up different courses of study in College. These graduates may have background in business, in the social sciences, and even in economics and accountancy. No matter what kind of bachelors degree they may have, these graduates have the skills for a successful career in a call center.

These applicants have a number of competencies that make them suitable for call center jobs. In the Philippine educational system, English is being taught as early as the first grade or even as early as preschool. As such, when these students are growing up, they easily adapt to the English language that they listen to and speak.

Filipinos are also influenced heavily by American culture. After all, the United States occupied the Philippines for more than fifty years. On top of that, the Filipino media, which enjoys high popularity is also influenced largely by American culture. Given this natural penchant, these Filipino call center agents are able to easily relate to American culture and accent.
Another important skill that Filipinos have is their proficiency in using computers and Information Technology. Most Filipino students do have access to the Internet and they possess basic knowledge about computers and the Internet. So if this technical skill is coupled with good English communication skills, offshore call centers would have great talents for the call center needs of companies worldwide.

Filipino call center agents are a growing sector in the Philippines. They tend to bond together in the call centers that they work for and support each other to achieve pre-decided goals and objectives. Additionally, call center agents are able to contribute to the economic progress of the Philippines. Instead of working abroad as a number of Filipinos are doing, they can work in their home country and help their families too.

The government is helping call centers in securing the best agents in the market. As such, different agencies of the government are working to support the development of skills and talents of call center agents. Because of these skills of Filipino call center agents, the industry is expected to grow in the next years.
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James Stinson is Owner and Founder of Global Sky Inc. He employs a team of 50 in a high quality call center facility based in the Philippines. For more info on outsourcing your project visit: http://www.global-sky.com
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