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Call Centers and the Situation of the Philippines

Feb 1, 2008
As a developing country, the Philippines is prone to several political and economic instabilities. The world often hears about a bombing in Metro Manila, terrorist activities in Southern Philippines or even coup d etat here or a mutiny there. As a result, tourists and visitors to the Philippines often get discouraged to push on with their trip. In worst cases, this image of the country as politically and economically unstable undermines its drive to enhance its image as the destination of choice for companies wishing to outsource their customer service, particularly, their contact center.

Generalization is always a difficult process to undertake. If a particular unrest occurs in Southern Philippines occur in Davao City, a city in the southern part of the Philippines, does that mean that the whole Philippines is exploding like a time bomb? If an incident of racism occurs in a southern State, does that mean that the whole United States is a racist country? This is hardly the case!

At times, a lot of businesses make the mistake of prematurely concluding that the Philippines is in a state of unrest because of a small incident disturbing the peace of a segment of the society. This is not to deny that there are indeed legitimate concerns for the safety and continuity of business operations in the Philippines. If it is any indication, during the supposed incidents of unrest in Makati City or the supposed bombing in a mall in Makati City, the operations of Philippine call centers and other business process outsourcing firms continued unabated. After all, the government still is committed to protecting the interests of the business sector in the Philippines.

On the part of the government, however, there really is a need to assure the business sector that it is in control of the situation and that no major unrests occur in the country. Otherwise, businesses, investors, and companies will be scared away by the littlest rumors of war and political instability. If this happens, then the current momentum of Philippine call centers will be lost and the industry as a whole will fail to fulfill its potential in the coming years.
Alongside the improvement of the political and economic climate in the Philippines, the government is also committed to improving the language and communication skills of the members of the workforce. Right now, there are programs of the government seeking to enhance the teaching process and skills of teachers all over the Philippines to maintain and improve the level of English proficiency of high school and college students in the country.

The government has now shown to other countries its commitment in ensuring peace and order. The President, in fact, is very much active in promoting the call center industry of the Philippines. Through her efforts a number of investors from both Asian and Western countries have been flowing into the Philippines. If these efforts were further enhanced, then surely, the call center industry in the Philippines will fulfill its promise of employing around one million Filipinos by 2010.
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James Stinson is Owner and Founder of Global Sky Inc. He employs a team of 50 in a high quality call center facility based in the Philippines. For more info on outsourcing your project visit: http://www.global-sky.com
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