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Corporate Gift Branding - Is Corporate Gift Useful In Branding Your Company?

Feb 1, 2008
If you are in business, do you think that using corporate gift is a good way to increase the brand awareness of your company? Frankly speaking, corporate gift is an ideal marketing channel that all marketers should consider when it comes to planning their overall marketing plans. Whether you are giving them away at an major events or to your staffs, they can always promote feelings of goodwill between your company and the gift receivers.

When it comes to using corporate gift as a branding channel, one very important things to take note of is not to use too shabby gifts. Quality counts a lot if you want to create a positive and lasting impression in your receivers minds. Your gifts should appear perfect in appearance and useful when it comes to serving your receivers.

Although to have such good quality gifts, you will need to fork up a little bit more money to purchase them. What you can do here is to go to your most trusted suppliers and negotiate a long term supplying deal with him/her so that you will be able to get some discount along the way. As the supplier is someone that you trust, you will be ensured that you are getting top quality gifts with a very good pricing.

Now let us get back to the main question on whether is it useful to use corporate gifts to brand your company.

1. Maintaining a feeling of goodwill between your company and receivers. As I have mentioned earlier on, your receivers will be able to interact and relate back to your company more when he or she receives something tangible. With corporate gifts, you are giving them physical representation of your business, allowing them to touch and feel it. This will leave a deeper impression in their minds, thus resulting in a better overall branding purpose in the long run.

2. Showing the uniqueness of your company. As corporate gifts can be easily personalized, you will be able to match them according to your business's culture and personality. By doing this, you are presenting the right image of your business to your consumers, enabling them to remember your brand and products/services much better.

3. Able to associate with your brand. As marketing and branding is all about making association between a business and its customers, you can make use of corporate gifts to fulfill this purpose. By duplicating your brand logo or USP on gifts and distribute them to your potential customers, you will be able to link the gifts effectively with your company's brand or USP, creating a more lasting impression in their minds.

Lastly, do set your budget right before you set out to manufacture your gifts. Make sure that the designs are up to standard too!
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