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How to Turn Your Blog Posts into an E-book

Feb 1, 2008
People love free things. It's just human nature. If you have a blog, you have the material to build a free gift for you customers and visitors' right at your fingertips.

Writing a blog post with the articles you submit to publishers for article marketing is a way to boost incoming traffic to your website. Create blog posts by using your content articles. It's free and easy. It also works to promote yourself as a subject matter expert.

After you've been blogging and submitting articles for a while, you will have a large collection of informative blog posts. The thing about blogs, however, is that they're short articles that are timely. Blogs don't have the same shelf life that articles do. If you submit an article to an article directory, for example, it becomes part of the website and is indexed for easy access.

Create an E-book from Your Blogs

The good news is that your blogs don't have to disappear and lose interest over time. You can use your blog posts to your advantage by creating an e-book with them. You don't have to submit it to a directory to have an effect on your bottom line. Give it away free to your visitors.

Instead of submitting your blogs as a single article, you'll organize your blogs and form them into short chapters. Create a table of contents and label each chapter with a clear and catchy title. String the chapters of your e-book together in a way that they are reader friendly and set them in an attractive background. Save your e-book as a PDF file and offer it as a download to potential customers who sign up on your mailing list.

Use an E-book to Increase Traffic

Writing an e-book isn't much different than writing and submitting a long article. As long as you are organized and stay focused, you'll be fine.

Once you've completed the e-book, based on a compilation of your already publish blog posts and article submissions, use it to lure readers into signing up on your mailing list. Simply advertise that readers gain free access to the e-book by signing onto your mailing list.

Providing an e-book for your readers, along with article marketing efforts, will increase your website traffic along with your revenue. Don't forget to consider all the places your links will find themselves being shipped off to as well. Embedded into the text of your e-book should be the links to your site; no matter who this e-book is passed down to, your brand goes with it.

Establish Yourself as an Expert by Writing an E-book

The other benefit of creating an e-book out of your blogs is to allow you to present yourself as a subject matter expert. You've already done the research and a majority of the writing for your blog posts. You know the deal about the topic of the e-book and will offer your readers valuable information.

Like article marketing, an e-book establishes you as a subject matter expert. Once readers identify you as a trusted source of information they are more likely to return, click on your link or to make a purchase from your website.

Get Help Writing an E-book

There's no need to build an e-book up in your mind and make it seem like an impossible undertaking. However, if you aren't up to the task and need help writing an e-book, there are places to get help. Some writing and directory services offer to compile your e-book for you. Since the blog posts are already written, it won't take much to compile them in a way that they are organized and make sense as a longer work.

The other nice thing about using a professional writing service to rewrite your e-book is that it is ghostwritten and you retain all of the rights to the piece. Don't let the fear of writing an e-book prevent you from taking action and using this valuable tool to attract readers and customers.
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