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Why Everyone Is Talking About Corporate Events

Feb 1, 2008
If you are looking to host a corporate event but don't know where to start I have written this article for you. There are so many options for your corporate event and picking between them can be extremely difficult. So there is absolutely no reason for you to run out of ideas and neither is there any reason for you to settle for something boring. Here is a pick of a few of the more exciting and obscure activities that you could use for your corporate event.

Crystal maze

What a cracking idea for a corporate event. The quintessential team game for nostalgic members of your staff that fondly remember their favourite childhood TV show. Fancy having the chance to compete in the competition with your friends or workmates; brilliant! So whether you've imagined competing in the physical, mental or skill challenges then here's your chance. Sadly Richard O'Brian won't be there but there's a good chance you will bump into Mumsy! The course will take between 2 and 4 hours in which time your team will have to collect as many crystals as they can before they head to the crystal dome. What a genius idea for a corporate event. It is sure to leave a lasting memory.


Aren't hovercrafts brilliant! Well here's your chance to drive one. In fact many places that let you drive a hovercraft go one step further and actually let you race them. These events take place all over the country so to find one near you then get researching! Even if you have loads of experience driving or with any motor vehicle there's nothing quite like driving a hovercraft. To be able to drive a hovercraft well you need to have balance, judgement and forward thinking - so it's perhaps not a great idea for a drunken stag do.

Military Activities

There are loads of locations in the country that offer military activities as a corporate event. This is not, as it may initially sound, a branch of the paramilitary. It is instead a number of activities that are based around military practices. It is possible to drive tanks and other military vehicles. There are also laser gun war games in which the participants are taught how to raid a military base and are sent out to do so with laser guns. This takes place in a military training area and is a fantastic choice for a memorable corporate event. After all what's more fun than playing soldiers?

Cricket day

Another great option for a company day out or for entertaining potential clients is a day out at one of the major cricket games. Cricket has become increasingly popular over recent years and this is a great option even for people that don't follow the game. The range and quality of corporate events facilities at cricket grounds is fantastic. They have been schooled in catering for high end clientele since cricket first began opening its doors to large numbers of spectators. Such is the atmosphere of a cricket game is that people can feel relaxed enough to unwind yet also benefit from the excitement of a sports match - perfect for corporate entertainment.


The beautiful game will always be an excellent choice for a corporate event. It is the most popular sport in the world and a box at a Champions League or Premiership will appeal to everyone. So for a sure fire success this is definitely the choice for you. Corporate entertainment packages make the match even better by providing excellent food and drink service as well as prime seating positions - sure to impress anyone affiliated with your business.
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Shaun Parker is an expert on the range of corporate events available on the market he shares his expertise to help you choose the right event for you.
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