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Feb 2, 2008
Finally, those hats were tossed above already. You have ended your contracts with the late nights and bulky books company. No more nagging teachers and demanding deadlines. You can now say goodbye to all those modules and long exams. But this doesn't mean you have to drop your armor yet, because there is still a whole new world coming - the real world. The time has come to put the knowledge into motion. You have to work those minds out and earn some cold cash! But before all that, you have to pack yourself ready. You need to prepare all your requirements. In applying for a job, there are a lot of papers to be submitted, but prior to all these is your resume. It contains all of your data and necessary information that the company needs to know about you.

A successful resume creates a big impact in your application. It is like a summarized history of your educational background and work experience written with convincing words that will help the employer consider your application. Their decision to considering you for an interview is based on your resume. So to ensure your future, it must be satisfactory.

To make it credible, you have to make sure that it is full of details. Topmost part and center-aligned, you have to print your name in a formal character font, bold and formatted. It should be larger than the other contents of the resume to grab the reader's attention. Following your name, still center-aligned, is your complete and permanent address as well as contact number. You may also write your e-mail address as a contact alternative. Below this information (not necessarily written at the center) is your work experience. You have to state your past employer's name, your work title, and the duration you stayed with their company. Reason/s why you left their company won't be necessary.

After, you should declare your background. Not so much on the family, though. You have to stress out your educational background, especially if you are a freshie and have no prior work experience. This is where the years in school pay off. Stating your honors and awards received will be a big plus factor for your employment. Remember to list the recent school you went to first, and include the address of the school and the years you attended there. Most importantly, you have to write your personal data. State your birth date, birth place, age, gender, and civil status. You may also include your skills that are relevant to the position you are applying for. Lastly, you should include information (name, important details and contact numbers) for your character references. It should be a minimum of three and these names should not be close relatives.

The important thing you always have to put in mind is to make your vita convincing and believable. Always be a hundred percent careful that all the statements you are declaring are true because you may be appealed to court for falsification. This will set you away from a good job opportunity.
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