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Selecting A Down Line: Just As Important As Selecting An Up Line.

Feb 2, 2008
Life is never easy. The world is a vicious place. People are looking to kill you, if not physically, than mentally. Most of us live in a world where it is usually mental. People are looking to drag you down, even more if you are on top. You have to know how to defend yourself.

You have to make sure that the people you deal with know, that you know what is happening. Otherwise they are really going to take advantage of you. Make them respect your knowledge. The most important lesson in getting respect is, know your stuff.

Everyone you meet needs to know that you know your stuff, you need to let them know. If you're a business person, look like a business person. Dress the part, act the part. Do not allow any doubt you that know your stuff.

Expect the best from people, very often they will rise to the challenge. Give people the opportunity to excel. Without opportunity, how can they shine? People should not be underestimated. Give them a chance, be the catalyst for their success.

Always, ALWAYS remember, we are not living in an ideal world. People are not perfect, some of them, are vicious and hell-bent on destroying anyone and everyone who is successful. Be demanding of people, they will rise to the occasion. Always be willing to give someone who wants to do better, a second chance.

This also applies to selecting down line members for your MLM business. If you choose to allow slackers in your down line, just for the sake of a sale, you might lose that dedicated member to another system.
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